Hi everyone , im new here , is there someone who speak spanish ?

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Hi everyone . im new here , and i must say that im from a foreingh country, and i speak spanish, however i m making an effort to understand the site and all the stuff. if everyone is free at any moment im online i would like tyo chat , and yes of coures say hi to all of you :)

my name is emily , xoxo

Bienvenidos a la chalkbucket! Soy 17 años de edad tan cerca de la edad para usted. Yo no hablo mucho español pero sé un poco. ¿Es usted un gimnasia?

I don't know if it's correct, but i'm only in high school and just learning. So I tried!
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I was fluent in spanish at one point, but I haven't practiced for several years. I'll be happy to help if I can, though.
Hola! Bienvenido a la Chalkbucket! Me llamo Mike y yo soy una nueva gymnast.

(I know a little Spanish but not much, but hey at least I tried).
I know spanish for healthcare only. No grammar, take a deep breath, where does it hurt, stuff like that.

Welcome to Chalkbucket. Tell us about yourself. Are you a gymnast or a mom of a gymnast?

I'm Sue and a Mom to a 6 year old gymnast.

Welcome again!
Yo tengo 3 anos de espanol en escuela.

Anyone know how to make accents on a keyboard?

Haha. I sometimes text my friends in spanish. Everyone reads my texts and now they can't.
Soy estudiando espanol en instituto! Me llamo Anna y soy escocesa.
Voy a Alicante en Espana para mis vacaciones a finales del mes.

PS. My Spanish grammar and endings are generally atrocious but I can usually muddle my way through!!
¡Hola bienvenidos a la Chalk Bucket! Me llamo Kaitlin. Soy 14 años . Estudio espanol en escuela. ¿Es usted gimnasta? Sé un cierto español. ¡Grande tenerle aquí!
Hola! Bienvenidos a Chalk Bucket! me llamo Sara y me gusta gymnastics muchismo.

yeah, my spanish is a little rusty.. :p

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