Hi, i need help on vault

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:bars:Hi my name is Cassie and i'm a level nine gymnast. On vault i need a tsuk really bad. I also need a double back on bars, but i'm super scared. Does anyone have and tips on how to get over fear?!?

Please help
signed Scaredy Cat:eek:
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Unfortunately fear is one of those things that comes up a lot in this sport.

Do you have access to pits? Doing these skills into the pit and getting air awareness can really help build your confidence. Once you are consistent begin adding eight inchers into the pit and build them higher and higher as you go until you are above floor height. I find this to really help on things that are scary. Once you can go to eight inchers above floor height, then you know you can land it.

If you don't have pits you really need to just have faith in your spotters and make sure you are really focused on whatever they told you to do and whatever drills you have done to prepare yourself. Your coaches would never put you in a position where you were going to hurt yourself.

Something that also helps is visualizing the trick. See yourself doing it right, especially when you're freaking out and thinking about all the bad things that could happen. If you allow your mind to think these things, the fear will get stronger. The second you feel nervous just think about yourself nailing it. Close your eyes if it helps and take deep breathes. Think about everything that your coaches told you to do and push any negative ideas out of your head. You cannot let those thoughts enter your head.

This may sound cliche, but really it's the only way to get over fear- by learning to control it. Good luck! Those tricks aren't nearly as scary as you think they are.
I just wanted to add... mental choreography helps. When you do the drills or when you are getting spotted set up things that you are going to think about as you do the skill.

Like for the tsuk... You may think as you go...
"Fast run, quick arms, push, knees, floor."
Thinking hard about these things as you do them helps keep you from thinking negatively. Don't just think them before you go.. but as you go and do each part of the tsuk... It does help.
hye i have a tsuk and uracinko but the souble is rele fun after u do ita couple times remember a couple things
dont pull in the bar and dont close ur eyes
go for it hard or u wont make it around
tell me if this works
You know...I wasn't afraid of double flyaways and salto vaults. I could actually pull them off on the first try, but I had a hard time doing them "right", and adding twists and changing to a layout position.

Later in my career, when I was too beat up to compete, I was sent to a tramp/tumbletrack to learn basic tramp drills/skills, and it really helped me understand and control rotation.

Double flipping backwards (which is basically what you do once you turn your body around in a half-on) is a double backward roll in the air.

As lame as it sounds, see if you can do two backward rolls in a row. Do you get stuck in a headstand with your behind in the air? That would be the symptom of a lack of experience/understanding of backward rotation. A gymnast can get away with poor rotation doing a layout on floor or a handspring vault, but double flipping requires more advanced rotation.

Can you do a back 1 1/4, pullover to your feet on a trampoline? How about a back 3/4 to your stomach, back 1/2 to your back and a pullover to your feet? Double back on tramp, off of a minitramp into a pit? Double fronts anywhere?

All of these drills can help an athlete become more comfortable with rotating. If you are afraid, you may have good reason, especially if you aren't clear on what your body needs to do to achieve the right amount of rotation.

Good luck!

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