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I have made a few changes to the homepage...check it out:


TV Schedule
Boggwoppit loves to keep us informed of the current TV schedule for gymnastics. You will notice a box labeled "TV Schedule" below the navigation menu on the left side. This links to threads with more info on each of the described events.

Current polls are also displayed on the homepage. They are randomly selected from throughout the site. Be sure to vote.

When you create a new thread you have the option to add "tags". A "tag cloud" is now shown on the homepage. Tags are a great way to better classify threads. It helps everyone (including search engines;)) find what they want quickly. For more information on tags, click the following link:

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love it

i love that JBS! i really like the fact that there is the TV times box, i never know when gymnastics is on and am way bummed when i miss it!!! i guess we do have a lot to say about grips lol :D

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