Horrible Falls??

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I was at practice on Thursday and we were working on vault. We had a training vault at the end of the tumble track, so we were supposed to land on the squishy really big pit-like thing on the other side of the training vault. I was vaulting and I guess I pushed off the vault to hard or didn't stay tight. I was looking down and my feet had missed the mat and I was headed for the concrete. I turned on my stomach and I smacked hard into the concrete. My ribs and head hurt like crazy, but I realized that I was okay. My coach (who I don't really like) was like "O...MYYY... GOD!!" I stood up and was like "im okay, Im'okay" My coach put a mat there after I fell.

so i was wondering if anyone else had horrible or painful falls???

My DD had a fall a few years ago that goes into the "No Fun Zone". She was working on the beam at practice. On one of the things she was doing she had lost her balance and was fighting to hold it but ended up doing a wierd head first fall that managed to clip the metal brace under the beam with her forehead making a big 'clang'. Her coach was right there and my DD didnt cry or anything until the cut in her head started to flow. She is now remebered at that gym years later even by strangers for her loud scream! Quick trip to the hospital for a few staples and was ok.:eek:
no big falls like that for my DD but as a mom I think I would have you checked out by the DR after landing like that.
no big falls like that for my DD but as a mom I think I would have you checked out by the DR after landing like that.
If my mom were there, which would have been embarassing, she would have starting screaming, and freaking out. I told her after practice and was like "im fine" and she still was like "why are you slouching? does it hurt? why are you holding your rib? let me see your hip? Are you sure your okay?"
Dd missed her hands on her beam series and fell on her head.She could not remember if it was exposed metal from the beam she hit or exposed concrete on the floor.She had a huge bump on the back of her head and could not go to gym the next day.She was fine but freaked out about the whole thing and with state comming up a couple of weeks later she really had to work on overcomming her fear on that series.
Another time when she was a little younger she they were backtumbling and she thought her bhs was not right and stopped midair.She landed on her back and her knees smacked into her mouth.Her lips started bleeding and by the next day they were really swollen up.I was afraid to send her to school like that wondering if the teacher thought she got beat up like that at home.
I had a fall once at my old gym club on beam. I was doing a backhandspring series when id just learnt it and missed my hands. I landed with my back on the metal frame and part of my pelvis broke of and penetrated my kidney. It had to be one of the most painful things I'd ever done but they managed to fix it with a reasonable small op (although I only have one working kidney knoow) and I got back to the gym in 4 weeks. Took me a while to get over my fear for that series though!
If my mom were there, which would have been embarassing, she would have starting screaming, and freaking out. I told her after practice and was like "im fine" and she still was like "why are you slouching? does it hurt? why are you holding your rib? let me see your hip? Are you sure your okay?"

Just keep in mind just because you "feel fine" doesn't mean you are "fine"
landings on head, neck and back really should be checked out. even if you "feel fine"
I fall quiet a bit, but only a few of them are really bad/painful. On vault for my level 5 zones I ran a bit too fast and only hit the springboard with one foot. The result sent me high over the vaulting horse and on my head on the other side. I still hear about this one. Also, once on bars I jumped too high and my hands slipped off the bar. I nearly did a fly-away and landed on my back on the ground knocking the wind out of me.
I agree it's probably worth it to get checked out, unless you're truly experiencing no or minimal pain.

I have seen this problem with vaulting before though. In fact I would say that matting around vaulting stations is often inadequate. I feel whenever a high mat stack is being used in a "training" situation, there should not be a close drop onto concrete, although in my experience, such a set up is very common.

I have seen yurchenkos careen off into concrete surrounding vaulting competition areas. No other event really suffers this matting "blind zone" if you ask me. 9 out of 10 times there is no real problem, but I have to say the gymnastics safety inspector in me often wants to go change the vault matting set up a bit.
I did a backhandspring on beam and after i jumped back i decided to freeze up. I threw my hands out to the sides and obviously they both missed. my head slammed straight on the beam! No concussion, just one big head ache and bump haha.
When I was a kid I was messing around on the trampoline and I did a back flip onto my head/neck and ended up flat on my back not being able to feel anything except pins and needles for several minutes. I was numb to the point I couldn't even scream for help. I thought I had broken my neck and was now paralized. Luckily it didn't turn out that way, scared the heck out of my Mom once she saw me laying there. But I felt fine after a few minutes and never was seen by a doctor, which was a really bad decision on my Mom's part. It was scary.
I was working on twisting a 1 1/2 to a punch front on floor. I did a really good one and it was awesome because I felt like I was flying. So I was going to do just one more and then be done on floor for the day. Well I guess when I came out of my 1 1/2 I was leaning way back and didn't realize it...I punched for the front tuck anyways and pretty much dove straight onto the back of my head and neck. I was tucked into a ball for the front tuck so my head and neck took the entire impact of the fall. It took me several minutes before I could get up and after several trips to urgent care we found out I had a concussion and I tore all the muscles in the right side of my neck. Still to this day I have problems with headaches and neck pain.
After finally recovering from the concussion and torn muscles in my neck I went back to training only to fracture my foot. Tumbled way to long without telling anyone about the pain, that ended my gymnastics career. I was a level 9.
Bars is my best wipeout event!

Oh my gosh, I've had soooo many... When I was 10, (I'm 14 now) I was doing a pullover on high bar, but when I was swinging, my hand slipped and I did a layout then I face planted! But it wasn't even on a mat! Another time, I jumped to high bar and my hands went on all messed up and I flew off and landed on my neck! To make it worse, the recreational kids had their parents come in and watch (I was competitive) and all the parents were just starting at me :)eek:) and it was soooooo embarassing!
none quite as scary as any mentioned

Well I have been doing run rebounds (prep for run punch front) on floor in the end lane and caught the downhill slope and went tumbling down into the mini tramp. I have done the infamous split of the beam, winded myself badly from a handspring front drill, did a split leap and rolled my ankle tearing the ligament, Was doing an aerial cartwheel on tramp landed weird and hyperextended my knee (and since i already hyperextend my knees when i stand normally the tissue was pulled way too far but lucky i am flexible so it helped and no serious damage) um nearly landed on my neck today doing front saults over a wedge onto crash mat......................legs got caught on the wedge and went tumbling face first, luckily i thought fast and sort of commando/dive rolled out :)
well mine has happened more recently. I as doing a yurchenko drill (something that ive done a million times) adn basically it was pannel mats leading up to a springboard with a horshoe around it and an 8 incher on the other side and your supposed to do a roundoff onto the spring boardlike your going ontothe vault but then do a layout out of it. well i hitthe spring board and my one foot slipped off which sentme going straight back with my right arm pinned behind me... neeedless to say it didnt end well... i landed myself into a cast for 3 weeks with a dislocated elbow. im still in recovery... haha
I was working on back tucks (which i've had for a while) and did the round-off backhandsring but I came out of it a little twisted and my rebound was verryyyyy high and I couldn't control it on th way down and twisted around and landed and my head and scraped my face on the carpet (rugburnn) and had a scar on the top of my nose. Another time one of my friends was on beam and did her backhandspring but her hand was ohalfway off and she slipped to the side hitting her leg really hard and fell onto the ground. She had a huge bruise but still went on to compete the rest of the meet.
This one's pretty funny

OK. Some background information. I'd been injured over the summer so I hadn't been tumbling for very long, and I'd developed some major issues with my back tumbling pass that I've still got a couple months later. So I'd been working superduper hard in practice, throwing a gabillion tumbling passes to try to get just a COUPLE that were not total crap. I still fell on my back tuck sometimes.
So here comes Meet Day. It's my first level 6 meet. Thankfully, the floor is bouncier than the one at home and when I warm up my back tucks, they're higher than they've ever been. I'm soooo determined when I run for my last pass...and somehow I trip over my own feet going into the round-off. However, I am so FOCUSED on tumbling that I don't even notice. Somehow, the way I've tripped means that I kind of did a round-off on my elbows (again, I have no idea that this has happened)...so I go for the back handspring and slide four feet across the floor on my face.
After all that hard work.
Ok, I probably have wayy to many to name, so I will just name a few:
1. When I was first learning my backhandspring on the high beam, I accidentily did a backhandspring swing down!
2. We were vaulting with the mini tramp, and I slipped on the board, my knees hit the tramp, my head hit the vault, and I fell in between the vault and board!
3. I was doing a ro bh bt and I bailed in the bt even though my set was really high, and I landed flat on my back.
4. I once did a one handed backwalkover on beam.
5. I was doing freehips and I tried to put my toes up wayy to early and I fell flat on my back, I was so confused, I thought I was still holding onto the bar!
I could go on and on lol, but I will leave it at that!
I was messing around on bars and didn't have ly grips on, went to compensate for where.the dowel was, it wasn't there, ended up petting go of the bar and falling smack flat on my back. It was kind of funny. Another time I bailed in the middle of a cartwheel on bight beam and like slipped down the side of the side f the beam with one leg landing on the top with my knee bent and landed on the floor crumpled next to the beam
Yikes, you guys have had some bad falls! I was always the girl who could break a bone doing something stupid but who never got too seriously injured in gymnastics.

My worst/scariest fall was probably on bars. I peeled out of my giant early and ended up doing sort of a layout flyaway, but I managed to nail my feet on the bar coming down, which 1) hit a blood vessel or something on one of my feet which resulted in this HUGE bloody looking/bruised bump, and 2) caused my motion to stop so I came down on my head. Luckily no serious damage but the idea of a neck injury scared me to death.

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