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about do you pay for team leos?? Im trying to get and idea (I will still ask but We wont be there till friday) and Im just wondering how much approx leo might cost!!
It all depends on the detail of the leo, I believe. Our L4 girls were measured for theirs a few weeks ago. That same night we got handed a note from the coaches stating that they needed a $100 deposit for the leo to be ordered. :eek: I was talking to some of the L8 & L9 moms and they said expect the whole bill to come to something like $300 (this includes a long-sleeve leo and a warm-up). Still. Holy cow. Not the cost I was expecting! I'm still waiting to get the rest of my bill.:jaw-dropping:
Between $60 & $80 CAD for the long sleeve leo, now that makes me smile for once!!! Between $50 & $65 for a warm up. Though my littlest dd now 8 is wearing the warm up that my oldest wore for 3 years, there is value for money, she is also wearing a leo that my oldest wore for one year. Oldest will get a new leo, new design, this year and will wear last years warm up. I am very happy about that.

I am shocked at some of the prices being charged for compulsory level team wear in the states, it is disgusting that beginner level team members are being "forced" to hand over the big bucks for some bling.

Just my 2 cents worth of course....
Our level 4 team leos were 89 and the warm up is like 254 but Level fours aren't required to have the warm up and so we didn't get that. Emily ended up repeating level 4 this year so we were lucky and they are still using the same leo again this year. Level 5 just got new ones this year so next year I should be able to buy a used one from one of the girls who moves up next year. Our warm ups are going to be new next year so everyone will have to buy a new one of those.
our team just got measured for theirs, the leo is 90 and the warm ups are 150. Luckily the coach is letting us wait till next fall for warm ups. I just got her a black velour one at Target for $25 that she'll use until then.
Sheesh, our leos are $140 and the warm ups were $115 including the embroidery. I need to find a gym where comp leos only cost $65. You can hardly even buy a plain long sleeve leo for that.
A note on those target leos, the leg bands tend to be loose and allow panties or skin to hang out. There is nothing worse than sitting in a circle with kids in a straddle and seeing half their crotches exposed. I am constantly trying to get my parents to buy a real gymnastic leos for my rec kids. The kids are much more comfortable when they aren't having to continually pick at wedgies and stuff. Our gym usually has a decent selection of good used leos on consignment so they don't have to pay a lot of money for a more comfortable leo.
We paid $80 for this years leo and $185 for the warm ups! The jacket itself was $145 but they are custom designed and fitted. They sure are pretty though! Next year they will be $180 for the leo itself. I also think it all depends on where you are located. In California, you will probably pay more for the leo, because everything is more expensive in California, than if you were in Mississippi. The cost of living is lower there, so Ithink generally it would be cheaper. Just my opinion though.
The levels 2& 3 at our gym paid $60. They are Dreamlight leotards. Tank style, no long sleeves. Our level 4 & 5 paid $120 (long sleeves and rhinestones). Levels above that paid $185. Long sleeve sheer top and sleeves and LOTS of rhinestones. The more rhinestones, the more expensive the leo will be. Our leos were custom designed with our gym colors, etc...
Our comp leos were $105 and warm up leo was $65. The booster club buys the warm ups and then the kids check them out. You put down a $25 cleaning deposit. Since the compulsory girls compete in the fall and the optionals start after Christmas, the compulsory girls return theirs and the optionals check them out for their season. Does save some money.

I have to agree with Bogwop. Having parents buy team anything for L3 and under is ridiculous. L4s should only have to have a team leo. After that you can get into the warm ups IMHO.

Also, if you can buy a used leo/warm ups---do it!!
Our team leo cost $75, warm up leo $35 and warm ups $198. Our long sleeve leo is new this year. It is custom with our team colors.. matches our warmups. Our warmups are so pretty with lots of bling!!
Do most gyms have actual team colors? Our old coach/owner wanted everything in purple and teal, but our previous gym has had 4 completely different colored and styled leos since I first knew of them. Or new leos are black and pink and have lot's of bling, too much for my taste but apparently are much admired at all the compulsory meets so far.
Do most gyms have actual team colors? Our old coach/owner wanted everything in purple and teal, but our previous gym has had 4 completely different colored and styled leos since I first knew of them. Or new leos are black and pink and have lot's of bling, too much for my taste but apparently are much admired at all the compulsory meets so far.

We have black and pink as team colors too:)
In our state it seems all the gyms have team or gym colors. Ours are red/blue. The team leos are all the same style, but the compulsory girls wear red and the optional girls wear blue. Warm ups are blue.
Our releve (preteam) wear a dark blue/twighlight blue velvet leo with crystals. The club owns them and lends them out as they just do two evaluations a year.

The school levels wear either a long sleeve suit like in my avatar (that was my oldest dd when she was 8.) Or the same style in all black with a pink, blue, lime or purple stripe.

The civile or provincial girls wear girls wear a silver, aqua and royal blue mystique long sleeved suit.

We have 3 warms ups styles too!!!

The head coach chooses the suits, but she always lets the girls have some input, she uses local couturiers who can produce knock suits at low prices. We send for all the catalogues!!!:D
leos and warm ups

OMG; I read theses posts about the cost of leos and warm ups and I say God am I glad my coach is frugal. We get our warm ups from GTM sportswear, We get to chose our embroidery and warm up colors and they give us a package deal of a warm up and gym bag. You can even get shorts t shirt and warm up for about $120 including embroidery. We are getting new leotards this years and we will pay $65 from GK leotards. Our coach says she likes to keep the cost of the leo and warmup under $125 for both. She thinks gymnastics cost enough with out overpriced leos and warm ups. I have learned how to glue rhinestones on anything. My DD says I am obessed but a 135 count package and a $3.00 bottle of glue goes a lot farther then $15 or more per leo. My Club doesn't get in to the different color for optionals and compulsory either. We all get the same leo that way if a kid mores up a level mid season no new leo to buy.. I like that idea of signing out the warm ups we may try that...
Our team colors are black and white, but our coach did them in black and silver. They are really cute.:) How long do ya'll wear the same style leos on team? We do 2-3 years.
Our Competition leotard we got a deal on, it's a GK Addidas (our colors are red, white & blue), it was $85. Our USAG teams (L4-L10) gets the same leo, but the JOGA team gets a different one I think. I hope to get 2 or more years out of it. Our warm-ups are GK, blue velour for $150.00 (ouch in cost but very big so we can use another year or more!) not as glitzy as some I've seen but has some rinestones. Our team leotard was a GK and I think $45 but then because it was white and not too many girls (or moms) liked them, another leotard was offered to us for $35 which I did end up getting because it was a good deal and a very nice (red, white, blue) GK Addidas. A girl can never have too many leos right?

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