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Granny Smith

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Well, my title says it all. We had a home meet yesterday that I was Meet Director for and I have lived through it. There were 2 sessions. The 2nd session was Level 4s and it was fun and cute and I was able to sit back and enjoy myself once it started.

BUT the 1st session, oh geesh Louise! Once it started I then became MOM! Dd was competing her first Level 7 meet with outside gyms. I knew she would qualify for Sectionals, but I was so hoping that she would nail her bars routine and let me just say - she did! I was so excited for her.

Vault - 8.1 she is nursing a heel injury (so we'll take an 8.1) 6th out of 6 girls
Bars - 9.0 1st place (she nailed it and it looked good!) Of course DH was so excited he forgot to hit the record button, so no video. I'll get it next time!
Beam - 8.35 2nd place (she had a fall on backwalk over series, but got credit for the series. she does a BWO-BWO into a split. Well her 2nd BWO her hands were too close and she still went for the split and when she was coming down she couldn't get her leg through her hands and PLOP down she goes. But I can say that she nailed her BHS and her Full Turn (which usually gets her). Hop on landing though.
Floor - 9.225 3rd place (I think her heel affected her tumbling - it was a little lower that usual - but then again we'll take it!)
AA - 34.625 3rd place.

A very happy night in our household!

Now we have Sectionals in 2 weeks.... back to the gym today!

Going to bed early tonight.....z,z,z,z,z,z,z,z,! Boy does my body ache - I was at the gym 12 hours yesterday.
Granny Smith ~

Congrats to dd! And, to you for surviving your first 'meet'!:D I was just wondering about you and how it went this weekend. We got our meet schedule last week. We're having a mock meet the 2nd weekend in November. They bring judges in and everything, make it like the real thing. Does your gym do that? My dd is Level 4. I can't wait 'til her first meet. She's excited, too. I think she's more anxious to get the new leo than anything, though!

Again, congratulations all around to you and dd!!:highfive:

Our gym has a Judge who works there and is actually our team Beam coach.

She will score the girls if necessary. It was great having her there during Compulsory levels because she really fine tuned the girls with the correct hand positions and stuff.

The girls love her too. She is a tough judge and they really respect her.

Good luck to your dd - something about the Level 4s, they seem to have the cuteness factor. The cuter they are the higher the score.....;)
That's funny, because our beam coach is also a judge. It's great to have her input when the girls are on the beam. She tells them what they'll get deductions for, how long to hold things, etc. I think we're bringing in an outside coach, though. It would be hard for her to be impartial with her own girls.

Yeah, they are cute, aren't they? We have one little one that's very strong and is almost always smiling. Helps, too, that's she's the smallest in the group and you just want to pinch her little cheeks, ya know?:p

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