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I still don't have my camcorder back to post video, so I scanned the keep-sake photo I bought Provincials. I wish I had whatever camera this photographer has!

It's in the gallery, thanks in advance for peeking:)

Canadian Gym Mom
I seem to be moderately retarded. I thought it was in the gallery...

I can see it when I click on my user name and see my profile. Then I can click it to enlarge.

If that doesn't work, let me know, I'll try again;)
She is so adorable. Great pics. Love her beam pose, flexible child she is!!!

You have to go to your user page to see it, not into the gallery though.
Great pics!! you just made me think of something cool to do witha nice collage like that of my girls!! I may do that with there spring show pics and make a poster for there room!! (my friends dd has a huge poster of herself in her room!!) my girls would love that!!
The photos are beautiful. A friend of mine that I work with did one for my dd at her state meet. I'll take a picture of it and post it here next week. Thanks so much for sharing! What level/age is she? She does appear to be very flexible!

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