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Ever since I started gymnastics I have been told I have naturally tight or closed shoulders. Coaches recommended stretching at home when I was younger, although as I got older the problem was ignored and I simply continued doing gymnastics with improper shoulder shape. This led my shoulders to become even more tighter. I have now been doing the sport for 10 years and the inflexibility is beginning to take a toll on my body, especially my back. I find it very challenging to hold a handstand because my closed shoulders force me to arch my back, making it quite tough to hold handstand for a long time without pain. Please help, is there anybody who is in the same position as me or someone who can provide advice eg. exercises/stretches that will help correct my tight shoulders. Thanks.
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this one thing probably isn't enough to fix it but look up the "wall angels" movement it's good for opening up shoulders and upper back so that you can hold that same form in handstand or elsewhere
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Getting assessed by a re-hab pro would be ideal if at all possible - so you can be assessed and have targeted flexibility and strength work

Here is a short video of activities

Longer in-depth information

I thought these neuro performance activities by Yuko Sugiura might also interest you as they are supposed to increase flexibility by resetting your nervous system which may be restricting your movement.

She has a website, google levelupneuro, but is offering a clinic on Sunday on shoulders, it is a paid workshop though.
Thanks for the advice everyone! Ill be putting together a exercise/stretching routine focusing on my shoulders and repeat it daily! I will update if I see or feel any improvements.
Another thing to consider is that sometimes it can be more about how you’re using your muscles than flexibility

When you do your handstand, are you pushing into the floor with your hands? My son was told he had tight shoulders, but the real issue was he didn’t understand the mechanics of how to open his shoulders.

Once he started pushing into the floor, his form cleaned up immediately.

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