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I am a high school gymnastics coach who just recently got talked into taking on a head coaching position at a different school where things are less than ideal. We've been displaced for practices/meets because of construction at the school. Additionally, the entire coaching staff has turned over and I have frantically been trying to find a spotter, as well as lost equipment/uniforms before our season starts in a couple weeks. I've been all over the Web looking for any groups/forums/classifieds related to finding spotters, and that's how I came upon this site.

If anyone knows of a good place to look for spotters, I could use some advice. I'm located in Minnesota, and I have called local gymnastics clubs, colleges and universities, other high schools and coaches, and I just keep coming up empty. This team was supposed to have a lot of talented girls coming out this year. But the latest I have heard is that some will not if we don't have a spotter. I feel bad and I take it personally (even though I know I shouldn't). But, I am only 5'1", 100 lbs. myself and i just can't be spotting tsuks, hand-fronts, and double backs. (I read a similar post in another forum).

Anyways, personal anxieties aside, I am excited that I found this site and excited to get to know and learn from others.
I'm now at Woodbury High School. I've been an assistant at Park for the last 5 years. Where is your daughter a gymnast?

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