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What level is your child in (and is it USAG or AAU OR MAGA or what type:)

I have 2 Level 4 gymnasts (9 and 10)
and a 2 year old beginner:)
USAG for both, L8 (age 11) currently in season and one training L4 to compete this fall (age 7).

One with cerebral palsy doing rec gym at Little Gym (age 10). :)

One 5 y/o boy who runs around the gym but otherwise has no interest. :cool:
I have one daughter (age 7) who just finished 1st year of level 4 (USAG). Also have a son who has absolutely no interest in gymnastics. :)
I have 1 girl age 13 in USAG L7

(coach told her tonight however that after states in April she will be training L8 full time to Compete L8 in the fall - she is extatic with that news)
Daughter is level 7. She was USAG at her old gym. This is her first year AAU. But will be USAG again next year. (The compulsories are AAU at this gym, and there were not enough optional girls to spread the cost of coaching fees to go off on their own. So this year they are AAU.) (She just turned 11 in Feb.)
I have a 5 year old daughter finishing her first season as a USAG L3. State this weekend, will find out if she moves up to L4 in April/May

She has two brothers, an 8.5 year old and a twin 5 year old, both of whom are three sport guys - football in the fall, hockey in the winter, and lacrosse (for the older) and soccer (for her twin) in the spring. This is oldest son's fourth year playing hockey, last year of Mites, and first year playing travel. Football and LAX are his "just for fun" sports. Her twin is finishing his first full year of hockey, his first year of football, and his third year of soccer.
1 daughter, age 8, AAU level 2, expected to move up to level 3 in May. (gym does 2-5, AAU and 6 and up USAG)

1 son, age 13, former gymnast (competed USAG, 2 years level 4 and 1 year level 5), current Basketball junkie and he also played football in the fall and will run track this spring plus he is a trombone player in the band. (doesn't like to have spare time, lol)
DD is just 8 and in Level 4 USAG. We live on the tiny island of Barbados, so our meet opportunities are few. But we do try to compete on US soil once a year, hopefully twice next year. A neighboring island, Trinidad, does host USAG meets a few times a year, so we do have those to attend as well.
I have a lvl 6 who will be a lvl 7 in June, she is 11. I also have a 5yo who is pre-team who will be a lvl 4 in June. My ds also runs around the gym but his life is all about hockey.
Two girls. Both USAG. Emma is level 4(with some learning level 5 skills, but will most likely repeat 4). Ellie level 2. Going into level 3 or 4. Not sure. She is learning skills from both levels. Four would be easier then I wouldn't have to attend to sessions next year at meets. :)
My dd is five and is currently training Level 2 USAG. She will likely move to the advanced Level 3 group for younger kids in the Spring called Dynamites. After that comes preteam. Our gym doesn't compete until Level 4, so they use the preteam to learn the Level 4 skills and routines and when they are competition ready they "officially" move to Level 4.
My DD is a 9 yr old LvL 7 in the USAG and YMCA program.

My 2 DS' have shown some interest but my bank book doesn't, steering them towards soccer :)
My DD is a 9 yr old finishing up level 5 and uptraining (just did giants on the strap bar the other night and is in heaven!). She will move to level 6 in July. I also have twin 3 1/2 yo's that are on the gym's mini-stars (pre-pre-team program).
DD is 6 and is a new USAG Level 5 (Feb), but will be competing Level 4 until next January when she turns 7. The plan I've been told is to compete a few meets at Level 5 next January when she turns 7 and then move up to Level 6. It sounds a bit crazy, but it's really just a level a year.
DD is 11 years old. She is currently a level 5. Hopefully she will move on to Level 7 by the fall (our gym scores out of Level 6) if she can overcome her fears!! Send those fearless fairies this way PLEASE!!!
Older DD: 10 years old, competing L5 USAG, will repeat L5 next season.
Younger DD: 7 years old, competing L4 USAG, will repeat L4 next season.
Tiny DD: 4 years old, in her third year of preschool classes, will repeat next season. LOL.

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