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DD is 11 years old. She is currently a level 5. Hopefully she will move on to Level 7 by the fall (our gym scores out of Level 6) if she can overcome her fears!! Send those fearless fairies this way PLEASE!!!

I will shoo them your way as long as you promise to send them back to us in March 2012 when my daughter will hopefully finally get out of L5 and start training the scary stuff! ;)
DD just turned 10 the week before last and is level 5, USAG. Hopefully will be training level 6 as soon as Sectionals (and dare I hope for States?) are over.

Her twin sister does dance (ballet and modern) and takes art lessons.
I have a 9yo dd competing Level 7 USAG. Hopefully will move to Level 8 next year, but that depends on getting a flipping vault. I also have an 11 yo dd and 12 yo ds. Neither does gymnastics. They swim, play tennis and spend a lot of time playing guitar and bass. Son is going out for Spring track.
12 year old dd is competing Level B Mason Dixon (comparable to USAG 5). Is hoping to move up to Level C next year but depends on dreaded ROBHS. She is also in Level C Ballet and in her first year en pointe.

9 year old ds is not very interested in sports but loves his video games, legos and swimming.
DD 8 is L5 USAG, DD13 is busy with hair, nails, malls etc :) and DS 6 plays basketball and football.
I have 4 kids. Ds 12, plays baseball and soccer, dd 10, level 5 USAG, ds 8 plays baseball and soccer, would love to get him a gymnastics class to help his balance and low muscle tone issues, not sure if he is interested, dd 6, level 2 beginner - doesn't compete yet, but wants to be just like her big sister.
Dd 13 quit gymnastics but seems to like jazz dancing
Dd 11 was USAG level 5 but is now junior level 6 in a league here in Texas.
DD is 9 years old and is a L7. Who knows what she will be next year we are still in the middle of the season and move ups aren't till June. I have 4 other kids too. DD age 5 wants to to gym and I think she would be great but I a not sure is my checkbook can commit.
DD is 8 years old. Competed Level 5 in fall, just competed Level 6, and is now Level 7.

Other dd is 11 year old soccer player.
ds16 is a guitarist and pianist. He did karate for 10 years and achieved his 4th degree black belt-then quit!

ds10 has been in gym for 1 year and is competing level4. He has states left, and there is talk of moving him to level5, which he does not want to do...he doesn't like all the back tumbling, has trouble with pommel and is quite content to stay in level4 forever, lol. He also plays baseball.

dd just turned 8. she has been training with the level5's(only during her practice time...she does not come in for their extra days), but has two more competitions in her level4 season. She will "officially" become a 5 mid-march.

ds4 is a preschool gymmie. he seems to like it, and he likes his coach. His biggest concern right now is that there remain more boys in his class than girls, so he really wants to be moved up to the boys level 1 so that he doesn't have to be in class with girls (!)

I work part time at the front desk to fund all of this craziness :)
DD1 (16) Sophmore 1st year Level 10 (Already broke a 36 last weekend!)
DD2 (14) Competitive Swimmer......That is a really cheap sport! Love it!
DD3 (10) 2nd year level 6. May have finally figured out vault!
DD is 9 years old and USAG level 7. She's hoping to move to L8 next season.

I also have two sons. DS15 is not remotely interested in anything athletic. DS8 likes lots of things but mostly basketball and swimming.
My daughter is 7 and is training level 4 USAG.
My older son is 4 and recently moved from preschool classes to the big gym and boys classes.
My younger son is 3 and takes preschool classes when he feels like it (which usually only means when Mom is on the coaching schedule)
DS 18 at college and a gamer through and through

DD 14 rehabbing spondylolysis and spondolysthesis, finshed gym in May and tramp in Nove. Enjoying guitar and the Wii!

DD 11 rehabbing Osgoodes Schlatter. Finished comp gym in Feb, hoping to move on to cheer. I am not so sure about that one!!!
Daughter just turned 11 this week is finishing up level6 USAG not sure if she will do 7 or prep next year. Also did some swiming and volleyball. Her older sister 15yo does swim played field hockey and is going to tryout for La crosse. She did rec gym but it never clicked for her. She also does dance. Older daughter is definitly more well rounded but younger daughter's main love is the gym so she has tried as many sports. Thankgoodness I only have 1 gymnast do not know if I could afford 2!

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