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I have really thick and long hair. Just about an inch down from my shoulder blades is how long it is. During practice, my hair is always falling out of the pony tail and there is like 7 hair ties in it. I want to keep growing my hair so I can cut it off and give to locks-of-love. Any tips on how to keep my hair up during practice?
I tried to post a pic of my DD's hair, but wasn't able to... anyway, she, too, has really long and THICK THICK hair.... the pony tail up high just doesn't work for her. What we do is part her hair across the top from ear to ear (like a headband if that makes more sense). Put half in a pony tail to get it out of the way. The other half you divide into THREE sections. Use those little "pony" clips to hold each section separately. Then pull each section back to where that long "headband" part is, and attach one of those really small ponytail holders. Continue w/each section. Once you've got that side done, repeat for the other side. You should then have 6 small pony tails sticking out from your head where that "headband" part is. You can then pull everything back into one big pony tail. This sounds complicated, but it's really not and it does hold all those wispy's out of your face!
My DD also has mega thick hair and it is also coarse.

We have had this stuggle for years.. What works well is to put it up when it is wet. Also 2 buns on top of her head.. First pull it into 2 pigtails. Then twist to 2 buns secure with a pony and then put 2 scrunchies over the buns

We also found that the thicker black ponies work better than smaller ones.
Before I cut my hair, I had the same problem. I usually just kept it in a ponytail with the really thick holders. You can find them pretty cheap at someplace like Claire's... maybe even Walmart! The one's below are the ones I use... it's the first picture that comes up.


Another thing I use every now and then is this AWESOME whirl-a-style. You put your hair in a ponytail, put the whirl on, and twist it up into a bun. It's super fast, super easy, and REALLY cute. This thing saved my butt for ballet classes at school! It's 7 bucks at Claire's.

Check it out here!

I also like to do two braids, inspired by Vanessa Hudgens a la HSM2 promo shoot. This is actually pretty easy. Put your hair into two low pigtails and secure them with an elastic. Then, braid each side and secure it at the bottom. This actually works pretty well, it keeps out of your way for the majority of practice. :)

Another link... :)

There's also the option of doing cornrows, if you think it would work in your favor. Not so much for me! :D But in case you want to try it, I found instructions on Seventeen's website... I bet it would keep your hair out of your face better than any of the other ideas though!

Cornrows... here! :D

I hope I helped! And kudos to you for wanting to donate it! I donated my hair a few weeks ago... best decision I've made in a while! :D
One way to do it is to pull it up into several ponytail holders. Pull the sides and top up to the crown of your head and put a ponytail holder in it. Then move a bit lower and pull the hair from behind your ears and the middle, along with the part hanging down from the first ponytail and put that in another holder. Then move down and gather the rest of your hair, along with the "tail" from the last ponytail, and put that in a final holder. You end up with a line of ponytail holders down the middle of the back of your head. You can put as much or as little in each holder as you like. I put DD's hair up into two but you can use as many as you need. You can also braid the last one if it's still in the way.

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