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let me start this post by saying that the forum will not let me do anythng but post new posts. I have sent emails with no response help... ok now to my post

Amber had meet number 2 at 5:45 pm tonight. So we had a good day, we knew amber would be tired because she goes to bed early. I try to get her to nap, no luck.

She falls asleep on the way to the meet (only 15 min away) and I had to give her mountain dew to wake her up.

So once again we draw floor first. Warm up looked better than last week. She is almost last, gets up does a much cleaner routine then last week and gets an 8.35 up from an 8.3.

Then to vault-it was hard to see but she got an 8.8 down from 9.05 and try explaining it is only.25 to an 8 year old.

Then bars. The routine was clean, she still does not have the 2 leg pullover so she starts with a large deduction..she does a great routine and takes 3 steps on the landing 8.25 but up from 8.0

Then to beam, that is where the story gets sad. So she is dead last on beam. Her best friend is having an amazing meet, she takes the beam and falls on the handstand..gets back up and wobbles through the entire routine. Then our number one beam girl takes the beam falls restarts the routine wobbles real bad amost falls again and gets a 7.8...she got a 9.5 last week. So both of the girls are hysterical..Then her other friend goes..wobbles..falls on the mount...also gets in the 7s. So then amber goes...three girls are sobbling...she mounts misses her foot a bit but gets up does her arebeque doesnt hold it enough and puts her foot down and goes back up(counts as a fall) then she does the most beautiful handstand and lands with a small wobble. She woubles a couple more times and gets an 8.25. She was devistated, last week she got a 9.4. She admitted she was upset about her teammates. Of the first year level 3s she is the oldest and like the den mother. So she came in 8 out of 8.
We went out to friendlys with her teammates and she is still bummed. He coach feels she is not working hard enough in practice. I think this will be motivation. I think the scores were not terrible anyway.
Oh, that's too bad. Unfortunately that is the reality of gymnastics, not many girls are perfect at every meet! But, I imagine that is hard for an 8 year old to understand. Tell her to shake it off and try her best at the next meet! Good luck!
Ohhh sorry it wasn't the best Meet for Amber. We've had days like that too. LOL about the beam, not because all the girls came off, but I was remembering last year at one of my DD's meet it was like that on the bars. All the girls just kept peeling off the bars. We've never seen anything like it. We all joked around about how somebody must have used spray Pam on the bars before our team got up. My DD was lucky and stayed on for her first individual medal.

I agree with you on trying to explain scores to the younger ones. My DD (7)has no idea when they add the 3 number. She got and 9.25 on the vault last weekend and thought it was better than her all-time high of 9.4 just because of the extra digit, LOL

We've never had an evening meet so I am not sure how my DD would have done either but we can't handle the early morning sessions. That's like the kiss of death to us, LOL, we are not morning people! Next weekend is our 1st sectional and we got an 8am session (UGH!) and have to be there by 7:45am with about an hour travel time. Not to mention we are lumped with some of the best L4 teams in the state. I am thinking we need to be out of the house by 6:45 and I still am not sure how to do it. I may leave the rest of the family behind cause the only time I can get a family of 5 up and ready that early (and happy about it) is when we are in Disney! I wish my DD would drink mountain dew.

Anyway, tell DD try not to stress too much about it. My DD is not the best, does not bring home big scores, but she loves it and always tries just to do a little better. Sometimes she has good meets and sometimes not, but the next day all is forgotten and she probably won't even remember in a couple weeks.
Medic - I am so sorry that she feels her meet did not go well. Those scores are not bad at all.

Not that I have any great advice and I know it is hard for the girls to go out there and not finish on top of the podium. What I have been doing w/ DD (and you may already be doing the same thing) is that I have stopped talking a lot about the meet on the way to it and after the fact (we do talk about it in the car on the way home - boy your handstand on beam was beautiful... only positive things). When we take her to the meet as we hand her off to the coach I say a simple " have fun" no good luck, no break a leg, no go get them... this seems to be working for us because she is no longer nervous this season at all. She loves the meets. wants to go first on every event (coach won't let her :) ) So far this season has been great for her (two meets - two first place AA) and we have sat her down and said 'you will probably not get 1st AA at every meet. everyone has good days and bad days and sometimes you might have a bad day, or you might even have a good day and someone else will have a better day. but that is ok." She then said " I don't care if I don't get any medals as long as I do my best" Now, that we will have to see about !!!!!!

Tell her to cheer up - it was just one meet and she can go out and kick some bootie next time. Tell her it is OK for her to feel bad that her teammates fell on beam but she can still go out there and throw a great routine.
Aww, I'm sorry your dd is sad. It just plain hurts when you don't do as well as you thought or hoped you would! Disappointing meets are an unfortunate but unavoidable piece of the gymnastics puzzle!

We are going to that meet this afternoon. Sounds like they were scoring a bit rough on those little L3's! We'll see how it goes....GULP!

In the meantime, tell your DD she is well on her way. She had some very decent scores at this meet, and has shown she is capable of some even higher ones at her past meet. Every meet is different, so there will be some meets where the exact same routine gets a very different score, and you are left scratching your head! It's a very subjective sport!.

Try to just focus on how she felt. Does she feel she tried her best? If yes, then great! 'Nuff said! That's all she can control!

I like what 'gymmomntc' says. She gives some very good advice. The less said from us parents before & after the meet, the better! I try to just be a sounding-board for dd, focus on the positives, and then change the subject to something completely different. Then I come & whine to my CB pals! Thank God for this place:)!

Hope you & dd are ok, and good luck at her next meet! We are at Gold Coast next week, you?
Sorry to hear this meet did not turn out the way she hoped. Really all of her scores looked pretty consistent from her 1st meet except for beam. Sounds like beam had turned into a sob fest well before she even got on the beam and that can really effect the other girls.

ITA with MSL and Amber is probably old enough to understand some of it. She only has control over what she does----can't control the judges picked, the format of the meet, the time to compete or the way her teammates respond to their routines. Maybe talk with the coach a little about Amber trying to be the "mother hen"----coach might pick up on that and be more attentive and let Amber focus while the coach deals with the others.

This weekend is just let you know you love her and are proud of her---NO MATTER what the scores are. In a few days most of this will be somewhat forgotten and she'll be back to her old self.
Sorry to hear this was a tough meet for DD:(. She has much to be proud of...those aren't bad scores at all! Hey- I always tell DD, I'm just proud of her for setting foot out on the floor at all! I never would have had the courage to go out there & perform like these young gymmies do! I give them all a lot of credit!:)
Aw, sorry she had a little bit of a rough day. I have seen that happen a couple times, where one girl falls off beam and then EVERYBODY falls off beam!!! It plays with their nerves, I am sure. Poor kids! It's too bad that everybody cant do well every time!! My dd fell on beam at her last meet and I felt so bad for her...she had a perfect routine and then fell at the am 8.85 even with a fall so she would've had a nice score w/o that darn fall!!!

I hope that you are right and that it does give your dd and her teammates motivation for the next meet!!;)
Poor baby... I am sorry to hear she is feeling sad:(. Especially since she held her BEAUTIFUL handstand. Falls can happen to anyone - Shawn & Nastia have had their own fair share - besides it IS contagious :rolleyes:

I thought it was great to hear about her improvement scores for floor and bars. :D

Best wishes for A to have her best meet ever next time. Sounds as if she is on the right track!
It's amazing how strong emotionally our little ones have to be just to even get up and compete, let alone compete against friends, in public, judged by strangers. A did an amazing job, to persist and keep on going when she is struggling is awesome. For her to see that other girls struggle is good to, it is not just her, some day s there are bad meets and some days there are good meets.

She should be proud to be so tenacious, it is a wonderful life skill.
I'm sorry to hear she had a rough meet. Just remember that the toughness and resilience she learns now from it will serve her well as she continues with this sport. Everyone will have a bad meet from time to time - the ones who can move past it and persevere are usually the ones who stick with it.

I hope the next meet she kicks some butt :)
Sounds like the girls were all super tired by the last rotation. The conditions were difficult and the combination of being tired and propped up on sugar/soda is a recipe for a total meltdown in my book. Sounds perfectly normal to me. They did the best they could do under difficult circumstances. Having an evening meet for L3 girls is just bad planning IMHO.

Last year, our first L5 meet was the last session on a Sunday night (school night). It was dd's worst meet ever. She started on beam and had a fall, then ran into the vault and had a melt down. Her bf on the team who also usually scores high, fell on UB's (face plant), and was an emotional wreck afterwords. It took her the rest of the season to overcome her new fear of falling on UB after that.

The ride home in the car was as tough and disappointing as it gets. We reassured her the best we could but she was totally bummed out and not ready to talk about it. Long story short; love, support and hugs did the trick, but it took a few days for her to bounce back. When she was ready to listen, we were still ready to talk about it.

Medic - Click on the "User CP" tab at the top left of the screen, click on "group memberships" and select what group you would like to belong to. I had the same issue for the longest time!!! You should be able to reply/post in the forum you select after that.

Sorry to hear about A, they all have difficult meets. I agree with the earilier posts, that was a terrible time to schedule a meet! Good luck next go around! :p

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