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On this afternoon's local news, a mom has been arrested for punching her daughter's cheerleading coach. Apparently the coach refused to move the daughter to another cheerleading squad so the mom hauled off and hit her. Psycho! What is WRONG with people??? :eek:
That is appalling. I hope she gets jail time for that, it is completely unacceptable behaviour.

How on earth do parents think their children will learn to resolve issues with that kind of role model.
:eek::eek::eek:!!! You're absolutley right! What is wrong with people? I hope she does get some jail time for that! I agree Bog- what a terrible role model. I would hate to be the daughter..
I am sorry to laugh but cheerleading is a dangerous sport. Ever watch the Texas Cheerleader Mom's. It was a show a couple of years ago and lets just say they are just down right nasty. It is so wrong for a parent to act like that when they don't get their way but I have seen and heard a lot of negative with cheerleading.
That's insane.... but it wouldn't surprise me to hear a similar story about some of the crazies at our gym!

Ooh do share, I am always amused by crazy gym mom stories.

We had one at our gym who was obsessed with her daughters dream to go to the Olympics. Our gym is tiny, with a small team and the highest level we have is 7/8, her DD didn't even have a bhs or kip, but Mom kept asking/telling the coach that her DD needed to be pushed more, to do harder skills. The coach kept saying that she could only do so much in 5 hours a week and if her DD wasn't ready there was nothing she could o. DD quit in the end, no surprise.

We don't have any real psycho moms though, really quite a calm and happy bunch. There are a few who record every move their kids make, I just sit back and laugh. I've been at the gym for so long I just find it all hysterical, like the Mom who paid to have an article put in the local newspaper about her DD's medals with a picture and all, she then stuck it on the wall in the gym without asking the HC, priceless.
I imagine they are pretty typical.... the ones who figure their child IS the next Olympic gold medalist and will do whatever it takes to get them there. Think nothing of telling you how great their child is, but when push comes to shove and the child can't actually DO half of what the parent is bragging about, they have excuses. And they nag the coaches to death. Yell at their child during workouts. Get snotty with you when they find out your child hasn't been doing gym as long as theirs and is working the same skills.

I have my kids in gym because they ENJOY it. Yet I am AMAZED at the competitiveness of the PARENTS - particularly of the younger set. Quite frankly, I can't be bothered with half of it other than to laugh about it later on!!
That's not a surprising story at all. I have witnessed crazy cheer Moms first hand lol.

We had quite a few of them at dd's old cheer gym. And dd kind of made it worse. See, the girls on her team had all started at 3 (one at 2-cause Mom was friends with one of the owner's) My dd joined the team when she was 5, and within six months was doing things the other girls still weren't, like back handsprings. They felt that since their girls had been doing it for 3 seasons at that point they should be getting these skills first, and dd should have been the one to get them last. It got to the point at the end that their was this particular group of Mom's who would stand at the veiwing window to catch dd make a mistake, so they could all comment on it. All the while with me sitting right there. At first it irritated me, but after a while it was almost funny. That a 7 year old kid could ruffle the feathers of these adult women, by doing nothing more than something she enjoyed doing. lol.

One Mom of the group was the worst. Her dd was the more advanced of the group before my dd was there, and after that, her sole purpose for being there was to get her dd to do things before mine. And she would tell people this and the coaches too.

The worst thing I ever witnessed her do......we were at a competition and they had an individual tumbling and jump competition. When she learned dd was entering, she signed hers up too. (And it was very clear at times that this little one really didn't want to be there) DD did her pass a few girls ahead of her, but the whole time we were waiting I could hear her lecturing her daughter that she better not "screw this up!" and making her tell her over and over again what she was gonna do and exactly how she was going to do it. And reminding her "I swear to G$% you better remember this, this and this!!!"

After dd went she wanted to stay and cheer on this little girl, and her other friend who was competing in the jump competition. So we did. You got two chances to do the tumble pass....1st a warm up and it didn't count, the 2nd one was judged. Her warm up wasn't bad at all, she bent her arms a bit on the BHS and her head bumped the ground (it was only a long strip of mat on a concrete floor, their was no spring to it at all) so that was understandable. Her Mom was not happy at all, and you could tell by the silent death glare she shot at her. She goes back to do her 2nd pass.... Starts off with a good roundoff pushes off for her bhs and just sits down. The poor thing looked over at her mom and her eyes instantly welled up. Mom, mumbles something under her breath in disgust, throws her hands up in the air. Turns around and WALKS AWAY! Leaving her sitting there on the tumble mat, crying by herself. Mind you this was a busy arena and it was packed and Mom just left her there and went back to her seat. I was mortified. I felt horrible for her. I was just about to go get her and walk her back over to where the team was, when her Dad who was over at the souvenir table must have saw the whole thing and ran over to collect her and run after Mom.

Sorry for the long post.....had to share.
Aww.... that just makes me sooooo sad. I wish these moms (and few dads) could just see themselves in action. I just honestly can't believe that they KNOW how awful they're behaving, and what terrible role models they are for their children.

Carin- Thats just horrible what parents do to their kids! I just kept feeling worse and worse when I read your story. Poor girl.

I have a little story of my own.

At our gym we are quite friendly, especially with our dds team. All the level 4,5,6 parents know each other and talk with one another. DD had a new girl on level 5. She was from a different gym. Let me tell you, this girl didn't have a kip ( wasn't even close) she barely had a backhandspring! when you move up from level 4 to 5 at our gym, you need to have the kip or be very close to it. So the mom watches, eyes glued to her. And every kip attempt, every bhs attempt her mom would give her dirty looks and mumble things under her breath. The first day the lady walked in, me and a couple other moms from dds team introuduced outselves and our daughters. She mumbled "Hello" Then walked away to watch her daughter. I casually asked dds what Chloe was like
Leah said she is always sad, and mumbles. Lexi added " I asked her to be my beam partner and she said she had to be alone because nobody can block her." One practice, she did a kip attempt and was actually pretty close. All the mothers ( we are very into positive cheering:p) Clapped for Chloe and said "great job!" when she walked by to get a drink. As she was going back, her mother stopped her and wagged her finger and all I could get from their convo was "Not close enough"..."Do you want to be a star??!" Then as they went to floor, she tried a backhandspring, and another glare from the mother. Chloe just broke down in hysterics. As the coaches were calming her down, her mother marched onto the floor, and dragged her daughter out. We haven't seen them since.
Heartbreaking. :no::bawling: That is just plain wrong.

I wish infertility on these parents, they don't deserve to be parents and their children deserve to be loved and respected for who they are.
When did people start thinking that their kids have to be better than everyone else for the world to keep turning.

Do I want my DD to win - sure, it's exciting. But to put that kind of pressure on a little kid. It's just gymnastics (or insert sport of choice here). I mean realistically is your kid going to go to the Olympics? probably not. There may be parents on here who will beat the odds and theirs will actually make it that far - and that is great. But, we as parents need to sit back and look at the impression we are giving our children, and what they will remember when they grow up.

This has nothing to do w/ gymnastics but I think the story might make some of these parents think before they speak or act. But then again maybe not:

When my grandmother was very close to dying (a week or so before she did) my mom and I were sitting with her (it was my dad's mom). She was crying and she was in a lot of pain. But, she went on and on about how she could not understand why she was never good enough for her parents. How they wanted a boy not a girl and she paid for that. Watching my 78 year old grandmother dying and this is what is on her mind. I watch everything that I say to my kids.
We had a similar situation. Got a new girl last year in L4, kept falling off beam, but obviously talented. Came to find out mom paid for tons of privates, made her review youtube videos of good routines, and watched and yelled at her constantly. She got along with nobody from the team and actually started many fights w/the girls. I had to leave several times because it broke my heart watching her "break" her DD. We all tried to be friendly with her but it was just too hard. Long story short, she did L4 (great scores) and went right to L5 and went to states and placed last, but there were only 7 girls and she did very well under the circumstances. A long way from falling off beam for sure. Anyway, mom upset w/coach (we love our coach and she worked very hard with the girl) and wanted her to be winning all the time. She didn't know how to lose. Girl ended up leaving our gym....went to her 4th gym and she is only 7 yrs old! We swear the mom is gonna come back and go crazy on us or have a mental break down if DD doesn't break down first. Always difficult to watch a train wreak!
Yes--there are a lot of crazy parents in cheerleading. And I have met my fair share in the 3 years that dd cheered. The worst is probably how my supposedly "best friends"(husband & wife) sabotaged my dd's chances for being a flyer at her old gym. The girls had been best friends since birth. Well, jealosy reaered ist's ugly head when the coaches were noticing my dd's natural flexibility and said that they were going to try her out as a flyer next year. Dd's friend's parents were pissed!!!! They didn't want any competition for their daughter since she was a flyer too. It went so far as that the parents talked to the coach and twisted everything around and basically "changed his mind" about having my dd fly. Saying that she was too big and that it will be too much competition for his daughetr...bla bla bla.

The sad thing is that the coach actually listened to these parents and didn't give my dd a chance AT ALL. They just wrote her off totally. So naturally that whole thing (and there was a lot more drama that I am leaving out) led to me switching gyms.

It turned out great b/c we went to the bigger of the gyms in the state and my dd was a flyer and we saw each other at competitions. My so called friends had to eat their hats because they were literally blown away when they saw my dd as a flyer on that team!!! LOL. It turned out that dd was actually a better flyer (had better balance, body positions and showmanship in the air) then her friend. Man--her old coach totally let her slip through his fingers all b/c he listened to a jealous neurotic cheer parent.

Karma is a b!tch, huh?
gymmomntc2e6 - you are 100% right. On top of what is actually said to them, kids also pick up on what is not said. If you extremely high expectations and then they don't live up to them, they will feel like they failed at a very young age. It is very hard, with all sports but esp. gymnastics, to not let you kids feed off of what you would like for them.

To be completely honest - when my dd first started competing I definitely got wrapped up in it. She was winning everything as a level 4, she loved it and would sleep at the gym if we let her. In my mind I had these great expectations for her. Well we moved to another state, new gym, new school blah blah blah. She had a much tougher time adjusting than I thought she would. Anyway - we moved in July and she started competing L5 in September. She did not do great that season and she was downright depressed and devastated. I really think that in addition to her own misery she felt like she was letting me down as well. That was a huge eye opener. Even though I never came out and told her I wanted her to win or score high - she still knew it. Now she's at a different gym and I have no expectations - other than I want her to work hard and have fun. Level 6 was a great season FOR HER. That is really what these parents need to wake up and realize - it is not about them.

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