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Hello everyone. I have been reading chalk bucket for a while and it has helped me with various gymnastic stuff. My dd is 9 and competing L7, she will turn 10 this year. I hope she does well since the age groups are large at this level. I just tell her to do her best. My dd has been doing gymnastics since she was 20 months mom and tot classes count? She has had 3 broken arms ( one requiring surgery to place pins) and it didn't seem to phase her. My nickname for her is lil' butt because she is tiny.

Hopefully I can contribute something to other parents posting here.
Hi and welcome to CB. Sounds like you will have plenty to contribute and lots of good advice for us newbies.

My DD is 8 and L3. She will move to L4 in December after her final meet @ L3. She has been doing gymnastics for 2 years.

Sorry about the broken arms :eek:
My daughter just turned 10 this week and she will compete level 7 in Jan. also. We are in Texas and the age is really not that young here. There are quite a few younger competing at even higher levels. They like them young Where are you from? Here's to a great season for the both of them!!! :)
Welcome to you and your gymmie. Level 7 is such a fun year! Good Luck and enjoy it:eek:
Welcome to CB! My dd is an old lady for her level, compared to yours! She's 12 and competing Level 6. She started her gym career at age 9 in Northern Calif. They seem to generally start them late there.

My dd broke her arm & needed surgery too! This was back in 1st grade (she's in 7th now), before she started her gym career. She actually had to go back for a second surgery 10 days after the first one, b/c the MD didn't like the way her arm was healing. The whole saga lasted from Oct 31 (arm break day) to sometime in March, due to her needing months of Physical Therapy after the casts came off! But her arm healed great thanks to her very picky orthopedist! :)

Hope your dd does great! :D

hey it seems every one at the chalk bucket started at 2 or 3 or 4 or heck 20 mothes lol.welcome to the chalk bucket ware every one is a wee bit insaiane.:)

jump flip high withe out gymnastics i would die:D

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