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My YMCA just got new leos for our level 5/6 teams. It's frm GK! I absolutely adore it! It's the third leo I've worn for competition and it's by far my favorite. The only thing that makes me a little sad is the colors. Last year, our optionals switched from the black and gold to black and teal. We have now made that switch as well(although the styles are different). now only the level threes and fours have the black and gold leos.
maybe....I don't have much time right now; it's kind of late!
Well, my computer is being stupid, so I can't post the actual picture, but if you type in that site, it'll get you there. It's exactly the one on the right, same colors, with the optional jeweling.
Or you can go to the site and do a search for style 5802ST and that's what it is too.


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sounds great! BTW, I really didn't think my computer actually posted the pick. whatever lol
Our coach already has our next leo picked out. It's a gk but I don't think it's in the catalog at the moment. She saw it in a picture from an elite competiton. It could be from last year or it could be exclusive for that gym still.

This is a pic of my dd in her team leo - it's from Milano in the UK. The leo is plain black mystique to the bottom - she had her trackpants on as she'd just finished a competition

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