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Soooo I made a gymblog its called addicted2gym and i'm basically going to be posting news about gymnastics, montages, and info about gymnastics and other things so check it out please!!!

my first post was today!
Nice job...I like it! You should put a link to it in your sig. so people know where to find it...
i think i did, thanks everyone, don't forget to check back for updates, because i'll probably be updating it everyday during physics class haha.
I like it too. I also looked at your website-I love your dismount on bars.
I actually laughed out loud to "my banana is great". Well done.
hahaha I don't think you can get a virus because i made sure I got the safe ads like Google adsense and stuff. so click on the google ads at the top of the page :)

oh and PS: when you read the "A new view into men's gymnastics" did you get the vibe that I didn't like men's gymnastics and i didn't appreciate it? because this girl totally just told me off about how i don't appreciate men's gymnastics and how i don't "understand" and i how never see men's gymnastics on TV because im not looking for men's gymnastics (BS!!!) anyways it kind of hurt, i was trying to to convince her that that is not what i meant!!!

so just wondering, but did you get that vibe?
I didn't get that vibe at all... In fact I thought just the opposite....
No, I didn't get that either. However, the things that really got me in to men's gymnastics were A) my friend Matt moving back from the Netherlands(he quit gymnastics about a year ago, and always wants to talk about it) and B) The book 'The Way of the Peaceful Warrior", and its movie "The Peaceful Warrior". If you are not completely in love with men's gym after that, you never will be.
good, because this girl is arguing with me about how i hate men's gymnastics, and i think women's gymnastics is so much better, and she's accusing me of all these things, and I was just making sure that no one else got that vibe. I think she's just a 5 year old idiot who think she knows more about gymnastics than me.

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