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I have noticed a bunch of people have made new gym changes or class changes this month. Having made this change for my children and seeing how happy they are, I was wondering how the other kids were doing with the change.
we were asked to come back to our gym, and made the decision to do so because our dd adores her coaches and we think they are pretty great as well... The gym itself and the O we could do without. BUT we also have a brand new no viewing policy implemented, so I am not certain how long we can stay under those circumstances... I have a very hard time just dropping my 6 yr old daughter off at practice. I trust the coaches completely, but I just feel I am shirking my responsibilities as a parent - it just does not sit well with me + our team is the only one that has the new no viewing policy... perfect strangers can watch my dd whenever they want. I can not stay for entire practices all of the time, but feel it should be my right to stay if I choose to.
My girls gym has begun for the year (comp groups only run Sept through May) both are happy, and as they are both training at the same time, I am happy too.

Youngest is working on skills for the next level up, though as this is the first year that she is old enough to compete it may be better to compete at the level where she may be very successful even though she has the skills to advance. Though she would have to compete against at least forty 8 & 9 year olds, the next level up tends to be a smaller, but stronger group of 8 & 9 year olds. The coach will help her decide in Oct.

Oldest is seemingly on a good road to recovery from her various injuries.. She can gently jog around the floor during warm up. Is working on her bhs on beam again, avoiding real running, jumping and vaulting though. She is very happy to be back in training after a big break, but is finding that she has lost strength and skill. She and the coach will decide on what and where she competes in Oct. She may just do beam and bars and she could either compete at the provincial level or if things are not so good she could compete in the school level.

All in all, things are going about as well as we could have hoped, now if we could just keep the light nights, if the teachers would only assign homework on non-gym nights and if the winter wasn't so harsh this year.....then things would be perfect.:D

Our gym has also instituted no watching for team parents, they simply have no room. Luckily for me my girls are there for each other and they are now 8 & 11, and therefore I don't worry about them as much.

Glad all is well with you INGYM!

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