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Hi Just thought i would post and say hi. New to Chalkbucket. My daughter is 8 and is crazy about gymnastics. Her skills are great but the dance, is another thing to be desired lol...she is doing better though...

ok, and she is so having a hard time getting that kip! ugh - any suggestions?

Welcome to CB. My DD is 8 also. She is finishing up her L3 season and getting ready for L4. She is working on her kip too.

from what I have read here on the kip - lots and lots of time and practice.
Welcome mom2gymkid! I am glad you finally found this site! So many fantastic people and really helpful advice! I don't know what to tell you about that pesky kip, but have my DD help your DD at open gym one day! If they can concentrate long enough that is!!! Thanks for fixing my picture!!! I love it!:D
Welcome. I can remember my daughters group working so hard for that kip. But, like others have said, it takes lots of practice. She'll get it!! It's kind of like magic. One minutes they can't do it, the next they can. Enjoy the journey!!
Welcome to the Chalkbucket. Nice to have you here.

If you put kip in the search bar you'll discover that so many of our kids have struggled, or are struggling, with it. My 9 yr old had it and then it went away.
Welcome - You'll love it here!

My dd is 10 years old and a level 4, soon to be level 5, and still does not have her kip! She has not been practicing lately since she is cometing 4 at the time, but she will be back at it again soon. She has been so close for so long that it is making her crazy:eek:! We have a new coach that is known for being awesome at bars, so we'll see!

Good luck to your dd on getting her kip - let me know when she gets it, I may need tips from you;)!
Crazy about Gymnastics?? really?

Are you suggesting:

- she prefer cartwheels instead of walking? (anywhere)
- Needs special shoes - made for her hands?
- watches TV in a full straddle?
- Has American Girl dolls...all dressed up like famous gymnasts?
- Shawn Johnson or Nastia Luikin trump Hannah Montana?

I don't believe any of our daughters behave in such outlanding ways. Your DD must be truly unique!

But that's OK....Welcome anyway!! Stop down in the parents forum sometime... we offer healthy snacks! :)
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A Big welcome to you. I am sure you will find this site helpful and hilarious both.(Tim dad's posts are a hoot!)
Welcome. :) As you can see people are really helpful here ^_^ Hope you enjoy the board and good luck to your daughter in getting that kip!

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