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Parent of College Student who did gymnastics for 12 years! Experienced meet coordinator, volunteer, past parent association president. Although daughter is no longer competing, still interested in ongoing gymnastics community.
Welcome!!! You have a very impressive resume there! I am sure that you will find the CB to be very informative and a fun place to hang out and hear about everyone's gym stories :). My daughter is 11 and has been doing gymnastics for 2 years now. She did All Star cheer for 3 years before that. She is currently a Level A for Mason Dixon (comparable to USAG Level 5) and loves it! You will be such a wealth of knowledge for all of us here and we are happy to have you on board!!
Welcome to the ChalkBucket!

I just joined yesterday and wow, what a welcoming and informative community.

I have a 9 year old son who does rec\tumbling.. a 7 year old daughter who is a level 6, and a 4 year old daughter on pre-team!
hi im a level 10 gymnast and i need replacement grips for 10.0's g910 which is what i normally use but at the moment are backordered. do you or your daughter have any information? thank you for the help!

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Such a cool transition! 🤩

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