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Im Ali. I am new to Chalk Bucket and have NOO idea how to do tips would be nice...............Here is a little bit about myself:

1. I LOVE (sometimes hate) GYMNASTICS
2. I am a Newbie/trying to be level 7
3. I would LOVE tips on giants!!:))
Welcome, and if you have questions, personal message (pm) me.

click on my name and then click send a personal message

try creating a thread in the skills forum for giant help (pm on how to do that or you can ask someone who runs the site)...

welcome again and i hope you find this site as helpful, fun, and informative as i do!
Hello and welcome. About having no idea-I think we were all there once; you'll figure it out! :D
Welcome to CB, this is a great site and people will answer any and all questions you have.

Hey welcome to you. I have a 2nd year Level 7 just learning giants so you can do level 7 wthout you need a nice clear hip on lower and upper bar. also gymanstics revolution has a great article on giants best wishes to you. I know DD said after she finally got her giant that it wasn't worth all the fear and worry they are great fun. LOL:eek:
I'm new too

Hi, I'm new here too.

Just what I need is more gymnastics stuff to explore! Like I don't spend enough time at the gym...

Oh well, my daughter is new to Level 7 this year and we are LOVING the process of choreographing routines. We have a great choreographer who really understands working with and individual's body/style.

My dd was the WA STATE Level 5 Bar Champion for 10yos last spring and will challenge level 6 in Sept. (We don't have a Level 6 Team).

Anyway - I have 8 kids, including the gymnast and a trampoline/tumbler team member, so I log a lot of gym miles. The other kids are also active in sports/clubs/youth groups, etc so I'm not home much!
I am pretty new here to! This is like my 3rd time on. I obviously do not spend enough time talking about gym at gym so I guess I need more gym stuff to talk about. LOL. I am just starting level 7 (only competed 6 4 one meet) and I am just getting my giants and right now I am not as much worrying about making it as I am scared of it. :( so idk but you will get it eventually!!!!
im new too! i love to talk about gymnastics and all of my friends besides in gymnastics like to talk about other things. so i came on line to talk about gymnastics. i love gymnastics so much. it's my life!!!!
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I'm new to the board, just thought I'd pop in for a quick intro. I'm the proud mother of two daughters (one of which does gym) and just discovered this board. It's too bad I didn't know about this place 8 or 9 years ago! This would have been really helpful getting over the 'learning curve' of being a gym parent. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.
hi i'm lauren i'm level seven 2 i'm also new on this website tips on giants i don't have a giant but i would say do a lot of drills like casting on the low bar then pushing away from it and casting and swingin up high then arching offf the's r the drills i do

Hello I'm Pretty new two I got my giants when I was just in level 5 :D They are not very hard if you just have the right body positons. If you can do a hollow body hold with your arms bye your ears, you can basicly do a giany! :jaw-dropping:
At first you may be a little scared( I was) But all in all it really is not that hard. welcome again!

P.S Ever since I'v got my giants andI'm not afraid anymore, I like bars much much better.:):bars: Hope you get your giants soon

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