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......I double dog dare you:D I'll go first


and present
I am going to take you up on this one... As soon as I get done with this meet program that has been consuming what feels like my entire life over the last couple of months, I am going to go digging for a picture. I am hoping to find one of me in my competition leotard way back when I was a gymmie in the early 80's. That will be really funny...
Hey Hey, we need to get more Dads here at chalkbucket...looking good teamdad! Very cool you are in a band too! Got room for a clarinet/sax player? Well, I've donated my instruments to my 7th grader and my 5th grader but I can still remember scales & play some things when I want too.

I'm too scared to post pictures of myself here...might scare away the rest of the posters, especially the ones who participated in the chalkbucket challenge. Those moms are in good shape!
How about just present.... I have no clue where past photos are.


Tim_Dad and Nastia

I was thinking about talking on the CB challange myself actually. I thought it would be fun if Nastia taught me her L3 floor routine. But, I think that would freak LOML out too much.
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Tim you have a whole year to get that routine down, the next challnege will be in October 2009. I was seriously thinking of doing the floor routine my little one did to Winnie the Pooh, as I ccould do all the acros, well except the bwo that would kill me, but I chickened out on the leo!!!

I'll find a photo later, there is one of me in my album for now.
Juju's Mom - That's great. Even if you don't find that comp picture, it's going be fun digging through all those old photo's!!! Thanks for joining in.

Blackie6 - I think the clarinet is way cool:cool:
Lovely, bog! Let me guess, you were a big "Duran-Duran" groupie? So cute, I LOVE IT!:D
If only my scanner was working - I've got some doozies from the 80's. Maybe this will give me the incentive to work on it.

Loving your 80's look bog !!!!!
Lovely, bog! Let me guess, you were a big "Duran-Duran" groupie? So cute, I LOVE IT!:D

The Smiths, The Cure, B52's, Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins etc I was the alternative music girl, and Manchester's (UK) club the Hacienda was the center of alternative music. I can't even say how much fun my youth was. I am sooo boring now.....
OMG Wendy, you ROCK!!!!! I'm going have to dig into the little box I keep buried in a corner of my closet and find one from my heavy metal days now:eek:
I'll be brave and play. No laughing allowed. :D


Me in 1992 (age 16), check out those bangs!!


Me, my hubby and my youngest DD
I thought those bangs were a shadow at first! Let me guess . . . Aquanet? Oh the good old days.
We have some good looking parents on this site!

Tim_dad- looks like you and Nastia are having a blast! Very cute pic.

Bog- What more do I have to say? Love both looks:p

Mariposa- I thought your bangs were a hair accessory! Your youngest is adorable.

I would love to participate, but I am so tech challenged I have no idea how to upload them.:eek:
Scary but true!

Okay, I'll play. But I accept no responsibility by anyone traumatized by the following images:


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I'm In

Okay. Throw back to 1976 - back in my gym days. The recent is from DD First Communion in April.


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Shawn- lookin' pretty sassy back in the day huh?:D;)

gymmomntc- You look too cute as a gymmie:D
Oh, how fun:)! If I can get my camera going again and find some of my old 80's "big hair" pics I can give you all a laugh:D! I graduated in 1984. What a fun time, we had a blast! You guys all look great:cool:!
These are great! I enjoyed them all :D. Thanks to all that posted!
I may have to dig out the pics as well. This is too funny :p

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