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Anonymous (2fad)

My gym has a required travel meet (7hrs drive 1 hour plane) this season for all Xcel levels (bronze to sapphire). My family is debating going since Xcel silver is quite a low level for a travel meet, but if you don’t attend meets due to something other than an injury/sickness you may not be able to be on the team next season at the gym. Do you suggest I go?
Is it a financial concern or just that you see traveling at XS a lower priority?

If the gym has a rule about attendance, then I would go. Every gym has its own rules so unless you want to switch gyms, you need to play by their rules. If it is a financial concern, I would inquire with the coaches on options for fundraising, etc.

Remember if they are requiring all levels to go they are trying to make it affordable for everyone. At least at our gym, coaches fees are determined by cost of trip/# of girls attending If 1 girl opts out, the cost per girl goes up.
Travel meets can be fun.
I don't think they should be required at low levels, but we have Level 2 gymnasts going to YMCA Nationals next month in Philadelphia.
Y Nationals is optional for all of our gymnasts who qualify, but we have several gymnasts go every year. The ONLY year since 2011 (not counting when it was canceled in 2020 & 2021) that we didn't have double-digit attendance was in 2015 when it was held in Kansas (13-hour drive / 3-hour flight). That year, we had 4 gymnasts go: 1 Level 3, 1 Level 5, 1 Level 6, and 1 Level 7 attend.
The previous year, we had 12 L3, 7 L4, 2 L6, 5 XG, and 1 XP attend in Florida (a 16-hour drive / 3-hour flight) ... so we went from 27 gymnasts to 4 gymnasts to 12 gymnasts in 2016 in California (a 33-hour drive / 6-hour flight).
Do what's best for your family ... just make sure to get a doctor's excuse if she's "sick."
If you do get a doctor's note if she's sick or just decided not to go, be prepared to still have to pay the meet fees and other fees associated with the meet because the gym has probably already paid and planned for her to go. So, you are only going to be saving on travel expenses.
Agree that travel meets are great fun for your kiddo, but no reason to put yourself into financial stress at XS, or any level honestly. At our gym, we have 1 travel meet plus regionals and the meet fees are the same regardless of what you choose to attend as they are all deemed "mandatory". I am sure they work with families as needed but even injured girls still pay for the meets because we pay long before the meet season starts.
If your parents don't want to go you could see if a teammate would be willing to have you travel with them.
Can you just talk to your gym and tell them you can't afford it or the time commitment is too much? We have girls opt out of the travel meet - booster dues are the same unless they let the gym know at the beginning of the season that they cannot make a certain meet. I would not try to get a doctor's note unless she's actually sick. That's such a waste of healthcare resources and technically fraud. If your gym can't work with you at all, you probably need a different gym.
I chose to have my daughter skip a flyaway meet at L3- I felt strongly that travel should be reserved for higher levels. The gym was ok with it- not happy- but ok. They've had a few other kids choose not to do travel meets because of finances.
Because it’s required, you will need to talk with the gym about options. The gym may work with you; if they don’t as another said you need a new gym anyway. If you tried to go the doctor’s note route you would still be paying for the meet, and I suspect they might kick you off the team as well if they get wind that you lied.

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