Should recreational gymnasts have allegiance to one gym

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My 8 year-old daughter's gym only has beginner classes and team (at her age). We have been told she has been considered for the team, but no invites yet.... and we're ok with that. In the meantime, my daughter is bored, so we found a gym that teaches an advanced class, and she actually knows the skills there. So here's our dilemma.

My daughter wants to keep taking her beginners class at her gym.. she likes it there, she has friends there and hopes to eventually be on the team. However, she wants to take the additional (advanced) class at a place that offers it for non-team gymnasts. Is this ok? We are not trying to be sneaky... she just wants to be challenged. Since she is not on a team, everyone says we shouldn't worry about allegiance, and that its ok to take as many recreational gymnastics classes wherever we like.

What do you suggest we do... Is this a common dilemma?


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I see no problem with it! I would say go for it keep her challenged. This is also a great oppurtunity for you to look at the other gyms in the area. If she is looking to join a team then you will know how the different gyms work and where you would like her to compete.

If either gym invites her to the team I would say choose one gym at that time. But at this point what ever makes her and you happy is all that matters!
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As for your issue, I would be totally open about what you want to do, my girls did summer training at another club, before our club had it's own gym and was able to offer it. I was upfront with the owner/head coach and she had no issues at all.

As your gym does not offer this advanced option I would just mention it to your DD's coach that she is planning on taking this class and that she is really hoping to be ready for team there soon. This will give the coach to say what they think and also open the door for discusssion about team.

Of course if the coach is totally against it, you can then ask what they can offer to challenge your DD until she is ready for team.
Eight years old seems like a perfect age for team. If I were you, I'd tell the current gym (assuming you like them and would like your daughter on the team) just what you said in your post--you're considering putting your daughter in classes at the other gym because she is bored in the current class.

I would ask them if they have an advanced class for your child or if they have plans to move her up in the near future. They should respect your honesty--as long as it doesn't come across as a threat. They may need a "nudge" to put her on team.

Remember that you are the customer....if your child's needs are not being met, it's up to you to find a place that will meet your daughter's needs.

Good luck!
Thanks. The place with the advanced class knows she takes a class elsewhere...

Her current gym is a very strong and reputable gym... we really want to stay there. I really want them to know we are considering this other class because I don't want them to think I am being sneaky... but I am afraid they will say she cannot take classes there if she is also at another gym... BUT then again, she is JUST recreational... can they do that?

All my daughter wants to do is gymnastics.. and I'm afraid she is going to hurt herself doing all the things she has taught herself watching youtube and without a coach... I think she really needs the advanced class to make sure she is doing things safely.
Ready for Team

If you really feel your DD is ready for team it should be addressed more directly I feel with the gym you are at. I have seen many a parent pull all their hair out with frustration just trying to get their child placed on team.
The danger of going to gym "B" is that they will be coaching skills for that gym perhaps in a manner different then her current gym. I have found from gym to gym they insist on certain training progressions and often have a completely different vocabulary even.
It is so difficult to work two different places. I hope you can get to an acceptable decision from your DD's current gym so that you can both have good results. IMHO:)
I'd go to the team coaches (or her current coach) and let them know that your daughter is bored with the beginner class and ask if team is something possible in her near future. If the answer is no--or some version thereof--then mention that you're considering taking her to an advanced class at another gym, in addition to the beginner class here and ask if that would be an issue. Rec classes make a lot of money for a gym, so I can't imagine they'd want to chase you away over it!
Remember u are the customer, if your daughter is not happy then why go there. By 8 , if your daughter is serious she should be on team or pre-team. She should be going twice if not three times a week and doing conditioning. Find a gym that offers u what u need and stick with it. Friends can come and go and should not be part of the decision.
As coaches, we all want to believe our kids and their families have some loyalty to us and our gym -- but honestly, at the rec level, there's very little reason to, and very little reason for us to expect it.
This seems fine to me. I used to do that when I was a level 3 gymnast and my gym didn't have a team. I did that for almost a year, and it worked out just fine. I don't think that it is dishonest at all, because really, you're just waiting it out until you get an invitation from them. And if you don't, then it's their loss for missing out on a great gymnast.

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