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Ok, so I've had my first meet. And it was not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Going into the competition I felt good. I was prepaired, my coach and I had worked really hard, and I was exicted because this was the first time I would do all my new routines for all four of the apprateuses. (sorry if i spelt that wrong). Well, I nailed vault and had a very good score. Then I went into bars. That's when the trouble started. I started and it was going well. I was hitting the bar right nailing the turns and then as I was turning I slipped feel onto the lower ball and smacked down on the floor. I had broken my wrist. It hurt so bad. The team doctor came and looked at me. I said I wanted to still compete (I'm an idiot aren't I?) but the doctors and my coach didn't want me to. Nevertheless I said I was going to, so they said fine but minumum hand worked. So I went to beam.

If you haven't noticed by now into this I am incredibly stupid. I start out in my routine with two double-back hands and then rebound to a front one. (it's not as complicated as it sounds). Problem is when you have a broken wrist you can't rebound. Period. So as I tried to rebound I landed and slipped. As I tried to stay on I fell and I broke my ankle and ripped a leg muscle. My coach was abouselty not letting me do floor; I was to miserable and crying to hard to care. So I was rushed to the hospital, diagnosed, and am out for two months. So I am basically sitting on the coach, typing with one hand, a cast on the other, and a huge leg cast. So life is not looking pretty right now.

How about everyone else? Anyone had meets? How'd they go?
Oh my gosh - wow - I think that is probably the worst meet story I've ever heard of :eek: You are one tough cookie to go out and try and continue after the broken wrist - of course as you found out the hard way it probably wasn't the best idea. I hope all your injuries heal quick. Hang in there. (((hugs)))

I give you so much credit for trying to keep on going! I am so amazed at your commitment! We were watching a girl at a competition, she fell off the beam and hit her head, and got a concussion. She still tried to push herself to do floor. Oy!:rolleyes: It just goes to show you how mentally and emotionally strong gymnasts can be! So sorry about the injuries! Get well soon:):fight::eek:uch:
Wow! I'm so sorry!!! That's a devastating story! I amazed at your courage but next time I hope you'll listen to your coaches. Get well soon! And DON'T do anything you're not supposed to. :)
Wow, I am so sorry to hear of your injuries! What a dramatic way to exit the meet, though! Bet you had the crowd on the edge of their seats. ;)

Now it's time for you to rest, heal, and make good use of your 'down-time'...maybe take up a new hobby that doesn't require too much physical activity, or write a story about the 'worst meet of your life'...! :rolleyes:

Take care of yourself! :cool:
My goodness you did have a bad day. I really feel for you. You are obviously a real fighter and very determined to do your best. I am sure when you are healed you will have some great meets.

Try to keep up the conditioning and you can come back as strong a sbefore. Take it easy on that wrist though.:cool:
Oh honey---I am so sorry to hear that :-( . That is a heartbreaking story. I do have to say that I admire your determination and will power--you definitely get the All-around gold for that!!! Well, as they say, you can't change the past so, take it easy, relax, and get better soon!!!! If you want to look at the bright side, at least it is the beginning of the season and you still have the winter and spring to get back into the season. I hope you feel better.
aww that is such a sad story. i hope u get better soon. i give u a lotta credit for trying so hard to compete tho...u certainly are very brave.

But I would try to not do that again. I know you really *WANT* to compete. When you are injured tho, it could get MUCH worse if u try to compete on an injury. i would rather be out for a week or even a month then risk being out forever because i competed on an injury and made it much worse. ok that wasn't really directed to all-aroundgirl it was more for everyone on here.
WOW - I don't think I could have imagined that !!! You must have a very high tolerance for pain.

Please do not push yourself back too soon. Let yourself heal.
Oh that really stinks. But you still have a lot of the season left. Don't push too soon or it could get worse, though. Good luck and feel better!!

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