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Hi. I am new to chalk bucket. I was surfing the web and picked up some great information from some of you. I am also pretty new to gymnastics. One of my four children is a 9 year old gymnast on her 3rd year in the team. She will be a level 6 this year and may go to level 7 later this year.
We'll see. Right after the level 5 season (around May this year), their coaches started training them for TOPS. She did a trial run three weeks ago and did her final testing last weekend (July 31). However, the coaches did not give us a lot of information on the first testing. We are pretty excited and are curious to find out how my daughter did. Here are her scores from the second testing. Can anyone give us insight on her test scores?

she is a 9 year old testing as a 9 year old

press to handstand - 5.5 points
cast to handstand - 6 points
handstand - 60 seconds
rope - 8.59 seconds
sprint - 2.98 seconds
splits - 13 (13 on both legs)
bridge - 5 points
leg lifts - 15
jump - 23 inches

Also, does anyone know how they give out results and when can we expect to find out? Does she have a chance this year?

Lastly, anything I should know about joining Chalk Bucket (i.e., tips)? Thanks.
Glad to have you on CB. Most posters join a group---coach, parent, gymnast so you can post in that area.

As far as TOPS, results will come out later this month. It comes down to how your dd stacked up against all the other 9yos that tested. The score that may have gotten a girl to national testing last year may not be high enough this year or other way around. Scores and overall results are sent to the coaches so they will tell you and dd how she did and be able to show you where she ranked against the others.

Come back and visit often. We'll be looking forward to getting to know you and your dd. Best of luck with the test results!

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