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What length do you usually have girls run on vault?

I am an xcel gold gymnast (moving to platinum next season) and my coaches would like me to extend my run to get more power on my vaults.

I currently run at 40Ft (I do a half on vault), and most girls in my level from my gym run 45 - 50ft.

What is a good goal to set to achieve within a few months for my start on vault?

Thank you
I do half on half off (platinum gong diamond) and start at 65ft. In gold, I also did a half on and I started at 60 ft. I was only 4' 8" at the time. We measure our steps at our gym by having our coach watch us run from our hurdle point to the end of the runway and she counts out 10-12 steps and tells us where to start. I don't know how she does it but it works like magic!
As a Level 9 I do a tsuk layout from 61 ft. Lots of the girls at my gym start at 50 ish for timers. You don’t need a very long run if you know how to maximize your power so try to make 50!

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