virginia beach, VA gymnast's mom

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Virginia Beach?

What gym are you at? I have some friends up in VA.

Anyway, welcome to the chalk bucket.
Welcome to The Chalk Bucket. I'm sure we'll get some more people from that area pretty soon...we seem to be growing. Tell some of the other parent's at your gym about this site.:chat:
Hi.. my first post here... my daughter is at Capital Gymnastics in Virginia! We were just at the Judge's Cup in Virginia Beach!
Hi, I'm Meg also from Virginia Beach and also at Gymstrada. I think I recognize the picture of your daughter - she works out at Hilltop is a Level 4 right? I think I saw you at the gym yesterday when you were doing a make up. We work out at Hilltop too but L is in Juniors right now and will be moving to Level 4 this summer so we may be seeing you more often. Your daughter will be moving to Level 5, right?

Nice to "see" you on line.

WOW...lots of Virginia here!
Hi Meg. Yes, my 6 yr old, daughter, is a level 4 at Gymstrada. She practices at Hilltop during the week and at Kempsville on Saturdays. I am not sure if she will be a level 5 next year. We will wait and see what the coaches recommend. I think we may have been introduced before...does that sound right to you? We were there this past Tues. as they did not have a Sat. practice last wknd. I have never been on a discussion site like this. It is all new to me. How long have you all been w/ Gymstrada? My daughter has enjoyed it a lot, but lately she has been tired after recovering from Strep-throat and the stomach bug two weeks ago. She will have had practice M, T, W, F, & Sa this week. Our next meet is in Chesapeake, St. Patty's wknd. A lot of the girls have been out sick lately at the gym. I hope our girls get healthy soon. Was L hit with any of it? I received an email from another level 4 mom today regarding her d having the stomach flu now. I think we are finally on the mend in our household. My d just needs to get a little rest. Nice talking to you. Take care. Ginger
Hi Ginger! I think we have been introduced. Is your daughter S? If so, I think I may have met you at G's birthday party last year at the PA Rec Center. I heard that strep and the stomach flu had swept through the Level 4 team. Oddly enough, my two older kids got strep but not L. I am wondering whether my son picked it up out at Kempsville. He's on preteam out there. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. I can imagine all that practicing must be difficult. I was just talking to a Level 5 Mom last night who was upset that they are going to have to practice Thursday and Friday nights til 8:00 p.m. and Saturday morning starting at 8:00 a.m. I'm sure that will be hard for the girls. You sometimes forget that they are only little kids still. I am a bit worried about L going to 12 hours this summer but hopefully without school to deal with, she will be okay. Next year should be okay for her too since she will be in afternoon Kindergarten so she can sleep as late as she wants during the week!

Good luck at the meet next weekend. I think I might take L out to watch some of it so maybe I will see you and we can reintroduce ourselves.

Hello Tumblequeen's Mom. I read that your daughter is 12 years old/ Level 4. It is nice to meet you. My daughter, S, is 6 yrs old/ Level 4. She did attend the Judge's Cup at OLHS as well. Not her best meet though. Her section was that Sun. night at 5:30 pm. We didn't finish up there until a few mins after 10 pm. She was really worn-out the next day. Luckily we live at the Beach and didn't have to drive far. She got to sleep close to 11 pm and had to be up at 6:30 am the next day for school. I think most of the gyms that had a distance to travel probably competed on Sat. or earlier that Sun. I probably should have had my daughter skip that meet. She had a touch of the stomach flu the day before and was still recovering from Strep and with it being so late in the evening...poor judgment on mom's part. she just really wanted to go! Oh well, live and learn. How has your daughter liked her 1st season of competition? ginger
Hi Ginger... My daughter just loves gymnastics... she had been taking rec classes for years, but one of her coaches a few years ago told her that "she was too old" to be on the competition team!!!! Then I started hearing about other girls close to her age being asked to the team, but didn't have the same skills she had, etc. I finally talked to the "head" coach last summer and she said "sure!" I just wish I had pursued it earlier instead of letting it drop! Anyway, I just hope she's not to "old" for it now!!! She has made remarkable progress!

Regarding the meet at OLHS... we all felt that the judges were harsh, particularly on the floor! Katy did well, she still scored above her required "35's", but she sooo badly wanted above a 9 on the floor! Oh well, maybe next time.

so far, no reports of stomach bugs up here in northern Virginia... I'll keep my fingers crossed!

I hope everyone down there gets healthy and happy quickly! Is anyone coming up in April for the Shenandoah Tumbler's meet in Winchester? I'm still waiting for session times.

response to Lynn in NOVA...

Hi Lynn. We are not attending the meet in Winchester. I saw this morning that the section times are now up for that meet though. Our next NOVA meet is in mid-April in either Chantilly or Manassas. Our gym has not told us which one yet. It sounds like your daughter is doing really well at the meets if she has a personal goal to make at least in the AA 35's or better. Our daughter has made one score of 35 at a meet. We are proud of her progress and she is having a great time. I am surprised that your daughter was told previously that she was too old to compete. It seems to me that any child who meets the skills and minimum age requirements would be allowed to compete. I guess it could maybe depend on gym size or number of coaches, etc.
Our next meet is also St. Patrick's weekend in Chesapeake. Does your team have many Level 4's competing as 6 yr olds? It doesn't seem like there are nearly as many 6 year olds as 7 & 8... Kind of like with your daughter being a little older. How many 11 and ups do you all have on your team (level 4)? Ginger
Hi Ginger... Katy IS the oldest on the team, but only by a few months. There is another 6th grader and three 5th graders. Most of the team is made up of 2/3/4th graders, but then we do have quite a number of younger girls as well. The coach actually splits them up into two basic "age" groups.... the older/more skilled girls, and then the younger... we actually do have a few 6 year olds! The "older" group is currently working very hard on their skills for level 5.... double/triple back handsprings, kip on the bars, and today DD told me that they were doing the cartwheels on the beam.

She has done VERY well, but I can't help but feel a little frustrated over the fact that this one particular coach had told her she was "too old". And that was at 9 years old!! GRRRRR.... oh well, can't do anything about it now.

Yes, I saw the times were posted for next Saturday... I really DO wish theywould post these things more than a week in advance, but oh well. I do love the times this time tho..... since I live about an hour away, 10:30 is absolutely PERFECT!

We're going to the Manassas meet in mid-April.. It would be fun to keep an "eye" out for each other if we're at the same one (and same session that is!)

O.K. have a great afternoon!

Lynn (Tumblequeen's mom)...

Hello. i responded to you earlier today but for some reason i can't find my reply. So i will try again:) S's NOVA meet we found out will be in Chantilly. Perhaps we will be able to say hello at the State Meet. S's group is learning some level 5 skills as well. She was practicing a kip yesterday. What kind of practice schedule will you all have for the summer? i think my d's schedule will be similar to last summer w/ practice being 4 days a wk. 9a- 1:00 pm (last yr it was 9a-12p). i wrote earlier today briefly about my hesitation regarding putting too much personal info on this site as i have wondered about internet predators searching sites like this. My job experience has led me to be more cautious. I wasn't sure about putting my daughter's photo on this forum or info about practice days, etc. Any thoughts on the matter? ginger
Hi Ginger... I agree w/you re: privacy... I HAVE, however, posted videotapes of K's meets on Youtube b/c it's the only way I have of showing my family what she's doing! Of course there are no last names mentioned. . .
I have NO idea what the summer practices will be like yet. Since she didn't join the team til September we weren't involved at all last summer. I do understand that the practices are more hours per week.

We went to an "open gym" today at another gym (Shhhh!) and K was able to practice her kips, double back handsprings, and just play at doing the Level 5 routine. She was also trying to get her cartwheel on the beam. But it was basically just 2 hours of fun... amazingly a lot of girls from our gym ended up being there to hangout and have fun...

One of the other mom's there told me that she has NO doubt that K will move up after State's this year. She's already gotten her two 35 min. scores and ALMOST has her kip, so we'll see what happens. Of course the gym won't let us know anything til after the State meet.

Has your daughter gotten the elusive kip yet? K's working hard on it!

Have a great afternoon!
OPen Gym Question for Tumblequeen

I was just reading back through old posts, and I saw this one from VB area families. Which gym around here offers an open gym where they'll actually let them practice their advanced skills on their own? At our gym, they really limit what the girls can practice in open gym because it is supervised by class teachers, not team coaches....

Another VB parent

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