Visa Championships!

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What did you guys think of the Visa Championships today? (or whenever they were on depending on where you live) David Durante is really good! I was so excited when I turned on the TV that they were on...I totally blanked! I thought I had missed them!
I saw part of them (had to leave about an hour into it).

I love Artemev's pommel horse routine. Actually, I love artemev all-around (though his rings are definitely weak).

I actually don't really like David Durante; I think a lot of his routines are too conservative. His floor routine especially irks me; why on earth would anybody dismount with something as simple as a doublefull? It doesn't even get full element group credit, and there are a million D's he should have had no problem with. And his side/arabian is just a straight-up arabian? My floor routine is harder than Durante's. That really irks me for some reason.
visa championships

I woke up at 10 so I turned it on at 10:15 and it started at 9 at my house so I only saw part of his routines. I wish I could have seen his floor routine so I would know what you are talking about. Who do you think should have won? I have a question too: Does that mean Paul and Morgan Hamm didn't even place?

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