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Pixie had an up & down week in gym. On one hand she made her beam dismount several times this week. yippie!! On the other hand her bars coach told her she was doing her stride circle wrong and she could no longer do it that way.

There are issue with this bars coach I posted about before. Too long to get into in this thread but if it weren't for the fact that Pixie's floor coach happened to coach her on bars one day she probably wouldn't have gotten her FHC a couple of weeks ago. All it took was for her to tell Pixie to kiss her knees and she got it. Just like that! One day Pixie was messing around on the "low" pit bar during free time and got her stride circle 2 days before her last meet. Well, her bars coach didn't tell her it was wrong until the middle of this week.

They have another meet this weekend and Pixie was just told she couldn't do her stride circle that way. She is not able to do the stride circle the "right" way (she can't make it around the bar at all). She was upset after practice, telling me that she would not be able to do her stride circle in the meet. Why did she wait until now to tell her?? Also, Pixie said other girl's do it the way she figured out how to do it but the coach didn't tell them they weren't allowed to do it that way.

What do you think?

This is her doing the stride circle the wrong way:


~hugs to all
I think the reason the coach is saying that is because she is hooking her front leg. I am pretty sure that it is a .5 deduction for that, some judges may not consider that she did the skill if she has to hook her leg.

Just a parent - but my DD did struggle with this skill for 6 months. She has stopped hooking her leg (finally :p ). She does still have a small bend in her knee that she as gotten .3 ded on in some meets.
I'm not sure what the coach is telling her is the right way, but from watching the video she is starting right, but ending it wrong.
A few pointers:
Stride circle needs to end with hands in a reverse grip. To make it over the bar she is swtiching her grip and pushing her self up to finish the skill, this is the wrong part.
Tell her to keep her legs straight and take a big step out over the bar then when coming around she needs to continue that big step all the way around the bar.
There is a big american flag on the wall in front of our bars. I tell my girls to spot the flag before starting and then spot it again as they are coming over the bar this helps them keep extended and continually moving until they come over the top.

Hope that helps a little!
Just a mom observation here, but that didn't look wrong exactly. Like gymmom said, she just uses her leg to hook the bar to get around & while my DD didn't go thru that "stage" many of the L4's on our team did that last year as they were learning it. I think as she does it more often with more confidence it will get better! In order not to get the deduction she needs to keep keep both legs straight out while going around. When my DD's team practices this on bars, the coach even sometimes holds their front leg nice and straight quickly right before they circle so that they remember to hold it up.
Well, it is definitely not being done correct as others have said. The leg hook often makes them fall back, which is probably why she switched grips (she switched grips at the top of the bars and reversed her hands back before she was supposed to). They are supposed to be in reverse grip all the way around and then when they come to a stop at the top, switch them back and then do the leg cut backward.

The mill/stride circle is very tricky and many girls struggle on it even after having it for awhile. Eventually she will get it all figured out. :D My DD has had her for several months now and still misses sometimes. Even her friend that is amazing on bars has struggled with the shoot through and mill circle.
It looks like an beginners mill circle. Alot of kids seems to start out that way and the more they practice the better and more correct it gets. IMO its one of those skills that most don't ever seem to get consistently perfect.
Ok, I'm not an expert on mill circles or whatever we want to call them. It has been noted by other posters that your dd is making some "rookie" mistakes on it. Now, for the attitude of the coach. I guess your big concern is why didn't she notice it wasn't being done correctly sooner and I agree that the coach should have seen the problem and at least made some attempts to correct it more than a couple of days before the meet. If she had, would it be a perfect stride circle for this meet----most likely not. I know I've seen red on a few occasions when my gymmie has mentioned a change or a correction the week of a meet.

Not sure if I understand or your dd does, what then is she supposed to do on bars? Get up and leave that whole skill out? Thats pretty much the guts of the L4 routine and she gets major deductions for leaving out skills. Do it the way she has been---will still get deductions, but at least she has a complete routine or scratch her off bars. If alot of girls on the team are doing it the way your dd is, the judges will pick up that these are coach deductions real fast although will have to take them on the girl's scores.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do about this meet with so little time except maybe get a clarification from the bars coach about what exactly your dd is supposed to do on bars this weekend. Then I would talk with her next week and ask about getting the needed corrections for the skill. If she seems vague or disinterested in a plan to get your dd's bars corrected then I would go to the HC.
That definitely sucks that they waited this long to tell her. If she were my daughter, I would tell her just to do her best, attempt the stride circle at the meet, if she makes it great, if not, get back up there and finish her routine. :D And tell her not to let that one skill ruin her fun at the meet.
Hello all! :)

Yes, my daughter was told to not switch her hands. And by doing so she is not able to make it around at all. She grips the bar too tightly only allowing her to make a 3/4 completion.

She now knows that she is not able to switch her hands. Though, as gym law mom has pointed out, her frustration is that now, with the meet tomorrow, she will not be able to do the stride circle in the meet. She also did not understand why she was told she can't do it this way when other girls are doing it the same way as in the video.

My frustration is she should have been told as soon as she was doing it incorrectly. Instead of being able to develop and reinforce a bad habit.

Thanks for the replies!! ~hugs

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