What skills did you get at camp?

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So what skills did you get at camp this yr? My dd got RO with 3 BHS, her Front tuck, backwalkover on beam, squat on and jump to high bar. (she was resistant on those but got over her fear :clap: ) My dds coach had her write the new skills down in a journal before we left and pack the journal in her gym bag so she can bring them home with her LOL.
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Oldest got her tic toc on beam, layout on floor and cartwheek back tuck dismount on beam, perfected her layout off bars.

Youngest is so close to the kip I can feel it for her. Her cartwheel on the high beam and fhs on floor.

All fun isn't it, though of course over the years I have leanred that skills got at camp do not always make it to the gym!!!!!:p

Sounds like camp has been VERY productive for your dd's... I think that getting the new skills or even getting better at a certain skill make gym even more addictive!! I bet they were dieing to get back in the gym:p
when i went to camp this summer i got a lot of new skills =]

-RO bhs layout, - front tuck, -switch side leap

-squat on, -cast handstand [almost all the way up]

-switch leap, -pike jump, - 1 3/4 tuck jump, -back walkover

-half on

tumle track
-front handspring, tuck, -RO bhs half, -bhs bhs layout

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