Whats in your Gym Bag?

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Well in the last episode of Make it or Break it, they had a thing where it was what is in your gym bag. So I just wanted to know what do you keep in your guys gym bags. I keep my grips, tape, money(for the snack bar), a snack in case I get hungry, and water or gatorade. :cool:
I have deoderant, moisturizer, rip balm, hair bands, scrunchies, clips, hair brush, grip bag w/ extra grips (my regular grips are in my locker at the gym), tape, snacks, and a water bottle (oh, and occasionally money if I remember). And that's basically my gym bag.:):p
Practice: Hair bands, hair clips, deodorant, lotion, money, 2 leotards, 2 pairs of GK shorts, chap stick, hair spray, extra wrist bands, sports bra, GK underwear, and snackss :)

Competitions: Tuff skin, hair spray, hair clips, deodorant, scrunchie, grips, warm-up, water bottle, fruit, tissue's, lotion, and i think that is it, lol.
I've got a pair of grips and wristbands, an extra pair of wristbands, and a water. My gym bag is just a plastic bag from a grocery store (in France!). I can't eat during practice - my stomach isn't up to it after those leg-lifts - so I don't drink/eat anything except water.

Except I lost one of my grips. So now I have to buy new ones. D: There was a piece of trash in my gym bag, so I threw it out and my grip must have Velcro'd onto it.

Practice- Leotard, ponytails, clips, money, water bottle, headband, ipod, extra clothes, hair spray

Meets- Hair spray, clips, headbands, hair gel, gel strips, ponytails, money, vitamin water, regular water, protein bar, peanuts, Tissues beef jerky, flip flops, warmups, extra wrist bands, nu skin, firm grip, socks :), ipod, cell phone

I know it's a lot but I like to feel prepared :)

Sometimes i dont even bring a gym bag to practice though if im in a hurry.
well my gym bacg is multi-purpose..coz our school is ANNOYING and makes us change for sport *sigh*. anyway
I usually have grips, music, clips, scrunchies, hairties, deodorant, chap stick (mines Nivea they RULE everyone! best thing ever!) Lucas paw paw cream, pen, water bottle, tape, spray bottle, snacks, shorts, leo, tights, school jumper (coz its awesome and real comfy)
extra leotard, extra pair of shorts, grips, tape, prewrap, bandaids(haha), injury wrap stuff, knee braces, money, phone, hair ties, bobby pins, scrunchies, chap stick, tuff skin, advil, deoderant, and wrist bands. way too many things haha
well, most days i go from school so i have my lunch box, school clothes, homework, school notes that i havent/need to hand in, grips, weights, hairbrush, money, and food!!

its really heavy taking that all to school and my bag is really small but it'll have to do.
Well I have 2 water bottles, shorts, deoderant, hair ties, clippies, my grip bag with grips, wristbands, pre-wrap, and 2 rolls of tape in it. I also have tiger paws (and extra plastic things for them), a jump rope, a snack, my floor music, and my phone and money (if i remember). I think thats it...:starry-eyed: :dopey: this one looks just like me!
In my gym bag I have m grips, wrist supports, hairbrush, ponytail holders, an ace bandage (just in case), biofreeze, money, paper and pens.
Practice: head bands, clips, deordant, girls stuff, hair spray, extra shorts, grips & wrist bands
Comp.: Same as above plus: warm- up, leo, water bottle and a crackers :)
my gym bag is stuffed with everything.
ive got two sets of grips, two leos, chapstick, rip balm, icy hot, pre wrap, hairspray, bobby pins, hair bows, deodorant, scrunchies, like ten water bottles, protien bars, money, my knee brace, ankle brace, wrist brace, and my back brace. oh and my car keys :)

im a bit of a packrat if i say so myself. :)
Practice: grips, extra grips, wristbands, extra leo and soffe shorts ( I always use the GK velvet ones. These are just back up,) water, deodarent, and some change.

Competition: warm up, deodarent, hair clips, hairspray, hair ties, back up scrunchie, water, light snack, some money, and that's basically it!
Practice: Grips, wrist bands, deodorant, "girlie things", a leo (it's not mine though. Where did that come from?), chalk, a list of quotes, spandex shorts, hair ties & clippies, hand sanitizer, band-aids, butt glue, Polysporin, scrunchy, tape, water and a snack.

Competition: Grips, wrist bands, spandex shorts, track suit, snack, water, orange juice (MUST HAVE), hair ties & clippies, hair spray, hair gel, tape, hand sanitizer and butt glue. Sometimes an anti-inflammatory since my knee sometimes decides to swell at competitions. Stupid knee almost never swells at practice but at competition it gets huge!
I have my grips, wrist guards, ankle braces, tape, pre wrap, scrunchies, hair ties, head bands, floor music, bandaids, girl stuff, deodorant, extra shorts and t shirt, money, some granola bars and water. Pretty typical gym stuff :)

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