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I've noticed that when I read this board there are usually between 2 and 6 people viewing at any given time. It also lists that there are 64 registered users. So where are all the posts? lol

I know this isn't my board, but could I suggest a roll call or something? Maybe to help draw out some of the lurkers?

I'll start things off and maybe some of you will come out of the woodwork:D

I'm a Canadian mom of 3 girls. I have a 9 year old who loves Hilary Duff and figure skating, a 6 year old who refuses to put her face in the water, and yet has chosen swimming lessons as her fall activity:rolleyes: and of course my 7 year old that brought me to this board. She loves to preen, pose and put on a show!

I hope to hear more about some of the other board readers:)

Canadian Gym Mom
I'm a gymnast from the midwest. I compete gymnastics for a local ymca and am going into my sixth year of a level 6

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