Why Do You Do Gymnastics?

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Everyone has there different opinions on gymnastics, and everyone does this sport for different reasons. I wanna know why you do gymnastics. If you want, reply with 5 reasons why you do gymnastics :)

I do gymnastics because; 1. it builds my confidence
2. keeps me in shape
3. its fun and challenging
4. it makes me feel like I can do anything
5. and not many people have the determination and dedication that gymnasts do, and it impresses people when you say " I can do a standing back tuck right here, right now. and I LOVE it!! <3

reply :)
I DO gymnastics because.

1.I cant go 3 hours without doing as much as a cartwheel .
2.it makes me feel strong .
3.if i am upset i can go flip it off .
4.I love to compete i am very competitive .
haha omg me too. i get home from gymnastics and then like an hour later im walking around on my hands and my parents are like... havent you had enough for the day?!!? and im like... uhm nope!!!
I do gymnastics because it is fun. It is an awesome reprieve from all the hours I put into studying, b/c when when I am at gymnastics, I can't think of anything else but, because if I do, I will get hurt. It also helps me stay in shape, and I love to compete, so that is a benefit. And being an adult, not very many can do what I do!!
1. I can't go without doing some sort of gymnastics...even at school!
2. The guys don't treat me like dirt coz they're terrifyed of me :D
3. When i'm upset i can get over it by gymnastics-a-fying
4. I have tonnes of confidence
5. Its something unusual
6. People go, "omg can you do a backflip"
7. I love it so so so SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much
8. I love to compete
Simply because I LOVE it! I love it almost more than anything! And it keeps me strong so people at school are like...woahhh...look at that girls arms! And when i tumble at school everyone is likeWOAHHH! "did you just see what that little girl just did??" haha.
It's pretty simple. We're all addicted to gymnastics.

But there are benefits to the addiction
1. Adrenaline rushes
2. Physical wellness
3. Stress management
4. A distraction from school drama
1. i loooooove it sooooooooooo much!! and i couldnt live with out it.
2. super competitive
3. cant go more than 1 hour without doing some sort of flip
4. people go "you can do those flippy things rite"
5. idk what i could do with out it!!
1. It makes me more confident
2. I love being able to do things other people couldn't even do in their dreams
3. It keeps me in shape
4. I'm basically addicted to flipping
5. It allows me to take a break from the drama at school and all the pressure in the other parts of my life

Overall, though, I just love gymnastics!!!:D:p:):D
1. I hated every other sport my parents put me in. ( dance, soccer, swim team etc.)
2. No matter how good you are there are always new skills for you to learn.
3. I love the feeling of flying through the air.
4. Competing, i'm very competitive.
5. Traveling. My parents would not decide to fly out to California for a week but If I have a meet there they let me go!
6. Okay I know its showing off but I love tumbling in the grass and walking on my hands.
7. You get strong and fit.
8. I'm addicted to it and I couldn't imagine my life without it.
There's so many more
I do gymnastics because...

-It's fun!
-It looks awesome.
-Getting a new skill is better then getting a birthday present.
-If a stupid teammate appears, I don't have to get too friendly with them. (Unlike my soccer team where even if the idiot can't dribble two steps in a straight line without complaining of fatigue, you have to act supportive).
-I have always been VERY competitive.
-I like to show off. (ha)
-I get to be on a team but I can compete by myself.
-Being strong is very useful. ;)
1. It's good to do something that most people wouldn't even think of doing
2. Love what it does for my body
3. Love my gym friends especially when we try to learn skills before each other so we can out do the other.
4. When ever I'm board or sad or excited or nervous or depressed or whenever, I know i can just flip it out and everything is OK.
5. Love it when the kids at school are like 'WOW! :O'
6. It gives you strength, flexibility, grace, confidence and courage(especially when overcoming fears like BWO BHS BLO on beam)
7. I couldn't see my life without it, a life without gymnastics would be a very boring and lonely life for me.
8. Soon as my mum pulls up in our drive from gymnastics, I run out of the car straight onto my trampoline and when my mum yells at me to get in because its too dark, I go on my beam in the living room :) .. she just stares and at me and goes ' I don't know how anyone can put up with the amount of physical activity you do'
We talked about this in the car going home from the gym last week.

Flippers reasons:
1. I don't feel like ME when I'm not doing gymnastics
2. I have to get rid of the energy somehow
3. One of the few sports that being tiny is actually beneficial
4. It's fun to fly and show off
5. I love going gymnastics

Mom says that it is an addiction. When the gym closes for a week over holidays, Flipper just isn't herself and seems depressed. One good workout and she is back to being herself. Maybe it is an adrenaline addiction.
1. i love beating all the boys at school in gym class "darn (insert other word haha) she can do more push-ups than you?!?" (well not a boy gymnast of course)
2. i love the looks i get when people must shake my hand in french.
3. most other sports are ever so boring
4. who wouldnt want these beast guns?
5. i love it when people ask " so you could you do a backflip like right now?"
6. everyone assumes your going to the olympics
7. the lovely expression that you get when you tell a boy that gymnasts wear leotard (well not a boy gymnast)
8. its awesome when your physics teacher gives you a lollipop for holding a handstand in the middle of class
9. one word- splits
10. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. as a kid i would spend more of my time upside down than right way up - at age 15 i still spend more time upside down.
2. I love the feeling when you learn a new skill
3. its something i can do that makes me unique amongst my friends
4. Love competing
5. criticism makes me thrive - no matter how much the coach criticises me it only motivates me more to please them (i like to please people)
6. love the friends you make
7. love the difficulty
9. i think i'm majorly addicted and it makes me feel great

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