Parents Yes... Emily did her front hip right to squat on

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to jump to the high bar to her long hang today and hit it all.
I am proud of her as she is still afraid of her squat on and afraid of jumping to the high bar. I am always amazed she can always do a long hang because she rarely practices it because she is afraid of jumping to the high bar. But today she did it not once but 5 times:) I had to bribe her but I did it because I know money is always good motivation for her to work through fears. She also did this in the gym that we are pretty much switching to so not even on the equipment she is normally used to.
Today also sealed the deal that we are 98% sure this is the gym we are moving to after states.
Just wanted to brag:)
Congratulations, thats awesome news! It is a big step for kids. In australia the squat on and jump to high bar is a part of the level 4 routine and it is probably the biggest thing that keeps kids out of competing level 4 and of course for level 5 it is the kip. I can't imagine how difficult it must be in the USA having the jump to high bar and kip introduced at the same level. Bars must be a lot of work for those little ones.
Way to go Emily!! Has anyone ever worked with her on doing the jump to high bar using a pit bar? Thats how my gymmie learned the skill and while a few girls were reluctant for awhile they all got it and the long hang kip that way before doing it on a regular set of bars. Even once they had the skill they would go back to pit and practice that jump with the long hang kip over and over.

Tell her, my gymmie who is a L7 doesn't like the squat on either!! At L6 the girls have the option of squat on or toe circle and mine decided VERY quickly she would learn the toe circle and hasn't gone back to the squat on since.

sounds like she is doing great! hope the new gym works out. when will you leave the old gym and do they know yet? is it the same gym her friend went to? sorry for all the questions, just was catching up on some reading
Thank you all for letting me brag:)

I think if we get back from Austin's Div 2 championship swim meet in time next Sat, I am taking Emily to open gym at this gym again. We had fun over there and met some other team moms and got a good feel for them. I am having Madi have her skills evaluation for the gym sometime in the next few weeks and hoping that when we do make our switch over there that Madi will be put into level 3 team. Madi just got her backwalkover last week at gym... but her bar skills are still lagging a bit but I can't blame her, when she gets a total of 10 min coach time on bars 1x a week at our current gym.

Gym Law Mom: Our gym only has a high bar over the pit so Emily doesn't get the option of practicing jump to the high bar over a pit at all.

Fruitcake: Thank you:) and Emily's Friend and Emily currently both go to the same gym but we want to move our girls to a new gym together so that they already know at least one person which would be each other.
Yay! Congratulations to Emily! I know that this is a scary skill to attempt. My dd is a Level 4 and they are working on some Level 5 bar skills. Many of them are afraid of the jump to high bar. Congrats to Emily on getting this!


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