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    For Parents Cast Handstand - Yippee!

    That's Awesome! I love it when my DD comes out to the car with exciting news! I would only add that I hope she's not going against the coaches advise or trying these new things on her own. CHS isn't typically introduced at L5... so I would be concerned about who's spotting her.
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    For Parents Gym decided to abolish Level 6 training. Good or bad?

    That's my understanding, yes. ONE L6 competition is required before going to L7. But... can someone from L5 train AND compete in X-cel competitions without doing the L6 requirement, or would a X-cel competition satify the L6 requirement before moving on? Thanks for bringing that up. It was one...
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    For Parents Maximum number of training hours for young six year old?

    Once a parent starts to mandate "enthusiasm" - the athletic performance will most certainly decline. If she's happy and willing and wanting to train more -- and if you can afford the added gym costs -- go for it! No harm done. Nobodies growth will be "stunted" though athletic conditioning -...
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    For Parents Gym decided to abolish Level 6 training. Good or bad?

    Hello all. Our gym has been going through some odd times in recent months. At the end of the spring season, more then 2/3's of the upper level coaches quit. No reasons were provided as this is gym business, not parents. One thing IS clear however. Our L5, L6, and L7 teams did not perform as...
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    For Parents How do I get my hands on "the book" or a good video on L6 compulsory skills/technique

    Ahh, but this is somewhat of a misnomer. The book is a coaches "guideline" of skills that need to be done, but it does not include instructions about how they should be performed "exactly". The DVD's are... not the greatest. Youtube is much better. In fact, I've been told by a respected USAG...
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    SPOILER ALERT!! Women's team Final starting!!

    Same here... Up until my boss came to my desk and asked if i could tone down my enthusiasm i little bit. LOL (i was actually pretty loud... but hey...It's the Olympics!! right?) All the gymnasts did a great job today. I'm very proud of the US team of course, but I have some pride for all the...
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    For Parents Hi CB Parents and crew!! I need a little advice about, well.... taking advice.

    Hello CB!!! Woot woot! Wow have things changed! I'm still learning this "new" look. :) Cutting to the chase: DD Nastia, L5, 11 YO. Nastia's year is going fine, but my concern is her taking and accepting coach corrections. Her coaches are making the same corrections over and over and over...
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    The floor music reccomendation thread

    just a thought. Usher yeah (instrumental version) Start 3:02 - 4:14 YouTube - Usher - Yeah (Instrumental) Easy to edit if you need the extra 15 - 20 seconds. I know...It's kinda old, but still one heck of a great track.
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    For Parents Nastia Moves on to L5. Yea!

    Thank you all for your comments and support. I'll be sure Nastia reads this thread. It's fun to say that she has an international fan club - exclusive to the Chalk Bucket family of gymnasts. :) AlexsGymmyMom, It's only joking amoung adults I hope. Thing is, I witnessed this reaction...
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    Advice on high school gymnastics

    Nothing to add other then - be thankful you have HS Gymnastics. It is fast becoming "the" sport to cut in public schools as a state-wide decision. The cost of liability insurance being the true killer. Have fun!
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    Do you let your gymnast tumble outside the gym?

    I have mixed feelings about it personally. On the parental side of my brain, which my wife believes to be located closer to the back, the very thought of doing gym in (or on) an unsafe environment gives me the chills. Common sense prevails. Protect your child at all costs. The money spent on...
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    help me (:?

    Pull-ups to build triceps and lats (shoulders) muscles, Push-ups and chin-ups for biceps and pectoral muscles (chest), and leg-ups to build up core strength. You can practice all of these daily, working up to a higher number of reps as much as possible. Kips aren't about muscle as you may...
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    Not at all -- but Gymnastic scholarships would be near impossible to get.
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    Getting Parents to commit

    Elilia, I'm glad to read that your sticking with your program. As a club owner - you know full well what the costs of operations are, and what level of training your team need to be successful. Parents don't. The more successful athetes you have - the more the parents will understand. This only...
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    Sponsor Shout-Outs

    Wow - IGC? That's awesome! I know your a fan of IGC Bog, and i'm sure Nastia will have the time of her life come week 1. FWIW: I want to also highly recommend GymSmarts - a banner advertiser of CB. I've picked up a number of excellent DVD's from GymSmarts. For you Gym parents that want to...