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Level 6 Gymnastics

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  1. P

    Parents Level 6 Floor question

    My daughter is in JO Level 6, long story short she struggles with backwards connected passes. It was suggested she just do front passes for her floor which she can do really easily. One of her coaches said there is a .5 deduction for not doing backwards passes and another coach said the rule had...
  2. P

    NCAA Will 14yo lvl 6/7 make NCAA?

    Hypothetically, if this gymnast is starting high school and her teachers need to know if she will be doing NCAA to give her approved NCAA courses. Is there even a point to consider NCAA for college? Or is she too late and we shouldn’t worry about the high school ncaa approved courses. She’s a...
  3. D

    WAG Beam Mount Question DP level 6

    Weird question: Can a back extension roll be used as a beam mount? The gymnast would stand on the floor, back to the beam, and then do a back extension roll to handstand and then lay their stomach on the beam to get to front support on the beam. The reason I ask is one of my gymnasts wants it...
  4. G

    Anon Level 6 Vault scoring and drills to improve?

    I've noticed level 6 vault scoring has been VERY low scoring all season across all teams in So Cal... no matter what vault is done, Yurchenko, Tsuak, or Front Handspring. I'd say 95% of gymnasts are getting 9.1 or lower with a few outliers getting 9.2-9.3s. (maybe a flukey 9.5). This is...
  5. M

    Parents Level 6 bar dismount deduction question

    What is the deduction for not doing a flyaway dismount in level 6 bars? My dd is great on bars but blocked on flyaway. TIA!
  6. B

    Anon Gold to L6 OR Platinum to L7?

    Hi parents -- Looking for seasoned guidance on anyone who has moved from Gold to L6 or Platinum to L7. Our 9-year old Gold is being moved up when meet season concludes, and our coaches have been honest and told us that they are on the fence between Platinum and L6. While it's not up to us, I...
  7. Anonymous Post

    Anon Front Handspring Vault for Level 6 Gymnasts.. mat height requirement?

    Our gym is doing front handspring vaults for all our level 6 gymnasts. They all had beautiful level 5 front handspring vaults that scored mid-9s all fall season, sticking landings, no arching, straight lines. But now for level 6 they are stacking mats to nearly the height of the table. So in...
  8. Anonymous Post

    Anon Level 6/7 Beam Mount Scoring

    Wondering if a more "complicated" beam mount offers anything of value to a score at levels 6/7. The TOPS/HOPES/elite coach at her gym asked to do her beam choreography (yep, that was weird...my kid literally has no chance of being moved to that group, nor would we agree to it, so it was not...
  9. G

    WAG Level 5 vs Level 6 bars

    Can you do the level 5 bar routine with a cast to 45 above horizontal for level 6? I feel like it fulfills all the requirements..? (This is hypothetical, I'm not in that level yet, just curious)
  10. G

    WAG Level 6 bars question

    Hello! I'm a little confused about the new requirements for level 6 bars. Do the gymnasts have to have a cast to handstand, or do they just have to get above horizontal? Is there a deduction or lowered start value for failing to hit a handstand? Thanks!
  11. C

    Parents Tips on L6 beam and vault routines

    Hi folks! My daughter just had her first L6 comp this year and is looking for ways to improve her beam and vault routines. I would love to get advice from you on where she could have less deductions. I can see a few small things, but I am not experienced enough to give her detailed feedback...
  12. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Can giants be the only circling skill for level 6?

    DD competes HS to CHS to giants to layout for her bar routine - she said her back up routine is HS to giants to layout without the CHS if (insert random gymnastics words about pushaway angle) is off. Would that actually fulfill her requirements? I know they have to have a circling skill for...
  13. L

    Parents Level 6 gymnast Might quit

    Hi. I am mom of a level 6 gymnast. She will be 12 years old in September. Gymnastics has been her passion since age of 5, has always loved it and always happy to go to practice. She has been successful and has always placed in top 5, on top 100 gymnasts in country, state champ, etc. Coaches all...
  14. L

    WAG Would This Count As A Level 6 Bar Routine?

    I recently watched a video of my cousin's bar routine. It appears to be around level 6 level but it was the strangest routine I have ever seen! For Level 6 in our region, I see most girls do the level 5 first half on the low bar, and Kip-Flyaway on the high bar, sometimes with cast handstands...
  15. G

    Parents Mental block on bars - Level 6

    My daughter is level 6 and recently had some kind of incident on bars where she was practicing her giants to flyaways. Now she is scared to do her flyaway dismount in her routine. Last meet her coach had her scratch on bars. I'm trying to figure out the best course of action for the next meet...
  16. G

    Parents Struggling level 6 gymnast

    My daughter is a level 6 gymnast, she’s not doing the best. Actually her last meet she came in last place with a 33. When she first started competing in Level 3, she would always be in first or second place but over the years she has not been in the top 10. My husband and I are really...
  17. L

    Parents L6 Floor Music

    L6 is the first optional and a huge task is obviously picking the floor music. I'm sure parents have a preference what their daughters will use. It's pretty overwhelming. I'm wondering what the crowd has done when picking. 1. Did you use JumpTwist? I find almost all of their song execution...
  18. JulietTheGymnast

    WAG Tsuk for level 6?

    So I was wondering if it would be possible to do any drills to get my tsuk onto mats higher so I can land on my feet? right now I can compete a front handspring vault and a half on which is basically a tsuk with no flipping and landing on the ground instead of a mat. Any tips?
  19. JulietTheGymnast

    WAG Xcel gold or JO Level 6?

    I am currently an Xcel gold gymnast, but looking to switch to level 6. I have most of the requirements, however I don't know if I should or not. Is this a good idea? Will it help me in my future of gymnastics?
  20. S

    WAG Question on level 6 beam requirements

    Hi, My daughter is a level 6 and in her beam routine she has a double back walkover series and and a separate back handspring. My question is sometimes she pauses between the 2 back walkovers. To get a 10 SV does she need both the series and the back handspring or just 1 or the other? The coach...

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