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  1. F

    MAG Hunting for a mushroom (not the edible kind)

    Looking for a mushroom for my L5 son. Anyone know of one at a decent price? Thanks.
  2. W

    Looking for a used Mushroom for-sale

    Hi, my son is currently in level 5-6 Gymnastics and was wondering if anyone has or knows of someone with a mushroom for-sale. If not, where would be the best place to get one that is the cheapest =) Thanks, Rob
  3. Valentin

    MAG How is Level 4 Mushroom judged

    Hello everyone Ok so i want to know how is Level 4 mushroom judged in your region/state The manual specifies 3 circles and a half. The 1st bonus is 3 1/2 circles without a fall, and 2nd bonus is 5 1/2 circles no fall. So that means that no bonus routine is circle stop, circle stop, circle...
  4. Azgymmiemom

    MAG That awful mushroom!

    Hey, coaches & ds has been struggling with those stupid circles on the mushroom for ages. Usually he can do 2-that's it. It's killing his aa score and really bringing him down. Recently, a friend from the gym brought in their practice mushroom for him to borrow...any tricks or...
  5. M

    Circles on the mushroom?

    DS needs these for a competion in a few weeks. He can do 3/4 quite well but just cannot manage a full circle. Coach says he is just so close and that it has to "just click in his head". Any tips ? or drills he can practice at home that may help?
  6. M

    MAG Looking for a used mushroom

    Anyone know of a good source for this kind of thing? I looked on craig's list and only found one, and they were asking $200....I don't really want to spend that much (maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I'd like to keep it closer to $100, otherwise I'd just buy a new one) At this point Mushroom...
  7. munchkin3

    From Mushroom circles to flairs

    DS has circles pretty much can he start transitioning to flairs??? Whenever he even begins to separate his legs, it throws the whole thing off.... It is like the opposite of nice straight tight M circles:confused:..... thanks
  8. Geoffrey Taucer

    Looking for ways to get l4 boys excited about mushroom

    Mushroom is a weak event for my level 4s; I have two, and neither can make it past a full circle. I think both have settled into the routine of doing one circle (actually, closer to 7/8ths of a circle) and falling; they seem to have given up on pushing themselves past that point. Does anybody...
  9. F

    Boys Level 4 Mushroom

    Is is mandatory for the boys to attempt circles on the mushroom after their level 4 pommel horse routine? If they can only do 1 at a time, is it more of a deduction to skip it or to do 1 or 2 at a time. Has this rule changed from last year?
  10. C

    help with rings and mushroom

    Hi This is my first post. I am a boys coach from Kalgoorlie Australia. Our club now has 24 boys ranging from Beginners to Level 6. My son is now in level 6 and I need some drills to help teach the inlocate and dislocate on rings. We are hoping to get height adjustable rings over...
  11. 9


    I am looking to bye a mushroom if any one no's a good place to bye a cheap mushroom let me no.