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  1. A

    For Parents Heel pain(severs apophysitis ) with increased training hours

    Hello all, first post here! Just took my young gymnast(6yo) to the sports medicine doc with heel pain. She recently increased her training hours from 4 to 9 since joining the gyms level 3 team. I was told she is experiencing “severs apophysitis” or basically pain in her growth plate area...
  2. S

    For Parents Severs

    Anyone have any experience with Severs? My daughter was just dx'd yesterday with it.. Basically we were told gel cups and ice and rest.. I read about Tulis Cheetah Heel cups, just curious do you wear one on both feet or just the affected foot? Any tips, suggestions etc I'd love to hear them!
  3. T

    For Parents House shoe for severs

    Hi, My daughter is once again having heel pain from severs. We have heel cups for her shoes, supportive shoes, cheetah cups for when she is in gym. She ices her heel and stretches often. I'm looking for advice on a supportive slipper or birkenstock type shoe that she can wear around the house...
  4. G

    For Parents Oscon for severs

    Has anybody had any success from taking oscon to help with severs? My daughter has tried pretty much everything else for the last 2 years! Physio, ice, rest, no rest, x braces, heal cups etc... Any feedback good/bad would be greatly appreciated!
  5. E

    WAG Severs duration?

    My daughter seems to be going through her major puberty growth spurt right as competition season begins. Heel pain is pretty significant, initially she was limping and there was swelling. She was diagnosed with Severs. We have completely rested- no gym, iced, stretched, for 2 weeks. Swelling is...
  6. M

    WAG Best sneakers for Severs or Achilles tendinitis

    Looking for a sneaker recommendation for gymnasts suffering from Severs or Achilles tendinitis....TIA! Also any recommendations for orthodontic inserts (not custom made). Thank you!!
  7. L

    Severs disease!

    Has anyone got any tips for severs? my daughter has it back again and is due to trial for a new gym on Tuesday! . She is on crutches and I have bought the cheetah heel support which was recommended for gymnasts but as she dosent walk from heel to toe(she lifts and puts feet flat down!) it is not...
  8. kimute

    WAG Training with Severs?

    My DD has Severs pain in one heel-- first time, started a week ago. Her good friend had this a year ago, trained in runners, and the pain went away after two weeks. My DD saw a PT last week who said let pain be her guide. DD says it doesn't hurt to train with the Cheetah Cup, so she is still...
  9. T

    WAG Skipping Levels and Severs?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering what your experiences with increased training and Severs Disease? As some background. My DD started Rec classes at age 6, when she turned 7 she started complaining of heel and ankle pain which we kind of ignored (I know, I feel horrible) for a while. She also has...
  10. munchkin3

    WAG Anyone with experience with Severs and PT?

    Munch has gotten to the point where she is asking to be casted....She's coming out of practice with A LOT of pain....I just don't think casting is the solution since it will come right back after she's back tumbling.... I am going to give PT a try first. Anyone have ANY experience with PT and...
  11. cbifoja

    WAG Wasn't prepared for Severs frequency

    Not looking for medical advice! DD had her first experience with training pain in January of this year. At the time, she attended a gym with a trainer on staff and he would tape her ankle and off she would go. He didn't diagnose her, just said she has tight ankles (we knew this from her...
  12. B

    For Parents ankle pain-- Severs?

    HI all-- I know I need to get medical advice from doctors :) but wanted to see with all other posts about severs, if anyone has a gymnast who had severs but the pain was mostly in the ankles not the heels. DD having severe ankle pain (both ankles) and is limping around-- has not tumbled or done...
  13. JoyAvenueMom

    WAG Please share Severs success stories

    Kipper is 11, and has had bouts of Severs flare ups since she was 9. Always during meet season, of course! The previous 2 seasons, the flare ups only lasted a few weeks, and only affected 1 meet, it any. The current flare up started more than a month ago and is showing no signs of improving...
  14. K

    For Parents Severs/ Growth Plate/ Heel Pain

    Anyone had luck treating this while their athlete was still training? DD Floor is suffering because she can barely get through her tumbling passes. Currently she's only running her tumbling lines two or three times per practice because if she does more, it hurts to walk.
  15. 2

    WAG Question about Severs

    So DD who recently turned 8 was just diagnosed with severs. Doc said it's from over use and growing. After a week of complaining of heel pain (while we were on vacation!) we took her to a sports medicine doctor as soon as we got back and he said it's Severs. She's in a boot for 2 weeks and then...
  16. OzZee

    WAG Severs - grrr

    Just a rant - how ironic and unfair that every time my very little growing dd finally grows a cm she gets a flare up of severs!!! Whilst she watches her friends grow 5 cm overnight without a problem.
  17. curlymomof3

    WAG Glucosamine for Severs

    I'm taking Dd to the Dr tomorrow for some stubborn heel pain. I'm pretty sure it's Severs as she is 9 and my Ds was diagnosed with the same thing at this age. Her coach recommended giving her glucosamine. Has anyone had success with this supplement for this particular ailment? We've been doing...
  18. gymnastmom38

    WAG Achilis tendinits (also Severs) - advice needed please!

    Little background. Dd has had bouts with Severs for about a year and a half now. About a month ago she started complaining about pain in her Achilles and the top of her left foot (different than when her Severs acts up). It was so bad that I decided to take her to an Orthopedic surgeon right...
  19. Xooscarlettoox

    WAG Severs/cracked growth plate?

    We went in the other day for a totally unrelated foot issue (dd had a wart removed on her toe and this was the final checkup for that) DD has mentioned a time or two slight heel pain. Mentioned it again the morning of this appt.. So it being an ankle and foot doctor, we mentioned it to the...
  20. Quadqueen

    WAG Sole Impact Socks for Severs

    Does anyone have any experience with these? Home I'm wondering if they will help DD's Sever's. We have the Tulli's heel cups, and she has experienced mixed results.