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  1. E

    WAG Severs duration?

    My daughter seems to be going through her major puberty growth spurt right as competition season begins. Heel pain is pretty significant, initially she was limping and there was swelling. She was diagnosed with Severs. We have completely rested- no gym, iced, stretched, for 2 weeks. Swelling is...
  2. M

    WAG Best sneakers for Severs or Achilles tendinitis

    Looking for a sneaker recommendation for gymnasts suffering from Severs or Achilles tendinitis....TIA! Also any recommendations for orthodontic inserts (not custom made). Thank you!!
  3. cbifoja

    WAG Wasn't prepared for Severs frequency

    Not looking for medical advice! DD had her first experience with training pain in January of this year. At the time, she attended a gym with a trainer on staff and he would tape her ankle and off she would go. He didn't diagnose her, just said she has tight ankles (we knew this from her...