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  1. G

    WAG Too many ankle sprains = Weak ankles

    I've had like 4-6 ankle sprains/twists on each ankle from gymnastics.. every 2-3 months is another sprain.. Any advice on exercises that I could do to prevent these?
  2. ReluctantGymMom

    Parents Can you succeed with weak ankles?

    Stupid topic title, I know, but hear me out. My daughter has hypermobile ankles, knees, elbows with loose ligaments (tendons? All the ortho visits have run together into a blur at this point). We are CONSTANTLY treating something. I am arranging my work schedule based on ortho visits...
  3. K

    Parents Age for ankle weights?

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on using ankle weights for gymnastics training and conditioning? My daughter is 8 years old (9 in a few months) and has been asking me for ankle weights for a little while now as some of the girls on her...
  4. A

    WAG Urgent (meet soon) ankle question

    Hi I have a meet soon and I have not gone there yet but last night I rolled my ankle after a front handspring and it hurts to put full weight and I iced it last night and this morning it is stiff to walk, it hurts to walk and touch the side. And it hurts when I point and flex with wht I see as...
  5. R

    Parents Ankle injury recovery time

    Some background info: DD landed a pass awkwardly in our first meet and turned out she had fractured her ankle. Was in a boot for 3 weeks and got it off on Monday. Had doctor's warnings to go easy on that foot at least for the next two weeks - no hard landings etc. She has been in the gym as...
  6. G

    Parents Ankle pain from flat feet! How help?

    Hi! I’m new to posting here. Looking for any help anywhere I may find some! My 13-y/o daughter (4th year on team, USAIGC) has developed persistent ankle pain which has worsened so they’re very sore for a day or even more after every practice. Ortho says her flat, pronating feet may likely...
  7. GymOwl

    WAG Foot/Ankle injuries

    Has anyone had any injuries to their ankle or foot? If so, what was the diagnosis? How much time did you take off, if any? What was the healing process? Is it still causing you pain/discomfort? 3 weeks ago I did a half on-half off vault and felt a sharp pain in my heel as I was running, fast...
  8. raenndrops

    Parents Quarantine Over ... Back at Practice ... Wearing Ankle Brace like her doctor told her ... Ran into a problem

    So, we have been back in actual practice for 3 weeks (3 days x 1.5 hours). YG has been wearing her ankle brace religiously. On Tuesday, she told me her ankle is bothering her. Her brace isn't working. Can I buy her new plastic inserts for it? ?????? Why new inserts? Well, during quarantine...
  9. A

    Parents Ankle brace help?

    My daughter has issues with her ankle(s). They are weak, so whenever she does intense tumbling they start bothering her. She has been wearing these: (ankle wrap). (She...
  10. W

    Parents Broken Ankle - How long to heal?

    My 14 year old daughter (XCEL Platinum) broke her ankle with a fall off of the beam at a recent meet (Feb 23rd.) Her foot landed half on the top mat and half off - which twisted her ankle and broke it. For those parents whose kids have broken their ankles - how long was your daughter out of...
  11. M

    WAG Later ankle ligament reconstructive surgery

    First of, I am not asking for medical advice. I am interested in hearing what anyone knows, if any, of the procedure above; either using an artifical ligament, a cadaver ligament or fibertape. I can go into more detail if anyone has personal experience or their daughter has had this procedure...
  12. skschlag

    MAG Ankle Update

    Ankle update: Ankle is 100% stable and ready to go. He is free to do things, building up slowly, of course. However, in true D fashion, the opposite hip and lower back are tight due to the ankle, so he is going for a few more weeks to get those loose. It is always something!
  13. e'smum

    WAG is there such a thing as prescription ankle braces?

    my dancer sprained her ankle horribly this past spring, right before the recital and her national dance comp. a trip to the dr (no break) and taking time off to heal and she was back to normal. doing all sorts of flips at the trampoline park this summer, ect... last night, missed a step and...
  14. P

    WAG Arch supports for ankle pronation

    Does anybody have any experience using the Capezio Arch for gymnastics. I have recently begun to experience pain landing on floor and vault as my ankles roll in creating a flat foot.
  15. N

    WAG sprained ankle

    unfortunately I sprained my ankle 3 days ago, it is only mild to moderate luckily though. however I have been told I may not be able to do impact for 3 weeks, which Is when my next competition is. I have been working really hard on lots of upgrades, and really want to show some of them off. Has...
  16. LivGym23

    WAG Does anyone have experience with Talus OCD in ankle?

    I am currently in a boot, non weight bearing. After six weeks I go back in for X-ray.(currently 1 week, 5 days) Other gymnasts have told me surgery is most likely. That the cartilage won't heal. What do you guys think? Any opinions based off experience?
  17. LivGym23

    WAG Ankle Injury Update

    Went to sports specialist...He x-rayed and did an MRI. I have a Talus OCD (Osteochondrial Defect). Can't put any weight on it for 6 weeks, they wanted to cast it. I refused and got a boot instead. Any ideas for conditioning to do while I wait for it to heal?
  18. LivGym23

    WAG Ankle Injury

    My ankle was sprained originally. I kept practicing and walking on it. Over the next week it became swollen and now there is a red-brown bruise on my shin, not connected at the ankle. My whole leg and ankle are swollen. There also appears to be a lump on my ankle bone. I can walk on it which is...
  19. M

    WAG anterior ankle impingement

    Anyone have anecdata to share about recovery from anterior ankle impingement following a sprain? My kid will be booted for three weeks and then re-evaluated. She thinks she is going to get straight back to full workouts and compete a week later. I am skeptical.
  20. J

    Parents Ankle Sprain

    My daughter sprained her ankle a few weeks and is about to start training on it a bit more (She has been in the gym conditioning, flexibility etc). I was wondering what supports if any you would recommend while it fully heals.