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  1. Scotsgirl

    Parents Tickets for the World championships :)

    Very excited , we just got tickets to the World championships in Glagow woop woop :) anyone else going ?
  2. Uglybetty

    Glasgow World Cup - Sat 6th Dec

    Is anyone going?
  3. wnl256

    WAG Top 10 Most Difficult Sports in the World

    This really should go in MAG as well as WAG. Check out #1:
  4. K

    New to the gymnastics world

    Hi there! We live in San Diego. My DD is 8 and currently L3. This is her first season "on team". She was pre-team last year I guess L1? She is the first gymmie in the family so this is ALL brand new to us. She quit her soccer team that I coached so she could focus on gymnastics full time...
  5. gymmee mumme

    World Champs video link?

    Can anyone find the link where we can see how our girls are going at the worlds in Aust?
  6. JBS

    2014 World Championships

    There is now a 2014 Worlds forum at the top of the forum index. Here is the link...
  7. cbifoja

    Parents First World Problem.... :-)

    What ponytail holder do you or your daughter use? What actual brand? What material is it? I want something with the grip of a vise! I guess since DD is doing more twisting and double flipping and just flipping in general, the forces on her body are getting the better of her hair accessories...
  8. Uglybetty

    WAG World Championships 2015 (Gasgow) - which hotel?

    I know it's mega early to worry about this but I'm just wondering which hotel the teams will use? I know at the British Champs everyone who's anyone stays at Jury's Inn. Is there a similar favoured hotel in Glasgow? I'm thinking in for a penny in for a pound....happy to pay extra for the...
  9. hawaii_gymnast

    World Championship Teams

    Team announcements are out! MAG: Zachary Clay-- Twisters, Abborsford BC Ken Ikeda-- Twisters, Abborsford BC Kevin Lytwyn-- University of Calgary, Calgary AB Scott Morgan-- Flicka, Vancouver BC Jackson Payne-- Capital City Gymnastics, Edmonton AB Hugh Smith-- Halifax Alta Gymnastics, Halifax NS...
  10. M

    Hello world!

    Hey guys! I'm totally excited to have been able to join this forum! I love all things gymnastics and I'm happy to have finally found a place to discuss them with other enthusiasts. So, a (longish) bit of background: I remember being 8-10ish and asking my mom for gymnastics lessons. My next...
  11. F

    WAG Glasgow World Cup

    The line-up has been announced today and it's a really good one! Lots of very elegant gymnasts - Roxana Popa, Larisa Iordache, Asuka Teramoto... and some good specialists like Ruby Harrold. Elisabeth Price is going again and she was great last year. The men's line-up is great too. GB have Danny...
  12. JBS

    2013 World Championships Website

    Here is a link to the 2013 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships website for more information...
  13. T

    World Championships Live Stream

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there will be a live stream of the 2013 Artistic Women's World Championships in Australia?
  14. JBS

    Where in the world?

    Check out the new user map under the "members" tab...
  15. Redford

    Reinforcement from the non English speaking part of the world

    Hello everybody, I've been hanging around here for a while now, researching and replacing my bedtime novel with a few ChalkBucket Threads. I've found a ton of great tips for both me and my gymnasts and finally decided to join the community. I live and train in Germany so please be nice and don't...
  16. gymlover

    2013 World Championships

    I know it is very early but who would you like to represent the USA at the world championships?
  17. gymlover

    2013 world championships

    I know it is very early but who would you like to represent Canada at the world championships?
  18. G

    WAG Going around the world is side aerial?

    I've got a older kid who is relearning a side aerial, after being out of gym for years. Her body is perfect on the aerial, but her legs are going around the world (pointing inwards instead of up). I've put her in a corridor of porta-pits on their side, but she just hits it and either knocks it...
  19. bogwoppit

    Links to Olympic live streaming around the world

    Canada Live streaming and a free app. London 2012 Olympics - Athletes, Videos | Results & Schedules - CTV USA Live streaming 2012 Summer Olympics | Video, Schedules, Results, TV | NBC Olympics N.B. You do need to be a subscriber to NBC to get the stream it seems. United Kingdom BBC Sport...
  20. N

    Anna Li at World Championships 2011??

    I am hoping someone can answer my question about why Alicia Sacramone has the team gold medal Anna Li appeared to win at the 2011 Worlds? I realize Anna Li didn't compete, but she wrote on her twitter that she is a world gold medalist. But then Alicia was talking about getting her 10th world...