For Parents 2nd L5 Meet, not so great!

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Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007

If your dd still loves the sport and wants to continue than please go with the flow and let her keep doing it. As many other PPs have said, what one does in Compulsories is not necessarily how they do in Optionals.

She still has time to qualify for Sectional and then States. If she can continue to fight through the Severs she will be fine. Severs won't last forever. After meet season give her a break or limit what she can do until the Severs lets up some and then see where it can go. She must, must, must stretch all the time and then stretch even more. When she thinks that she is done stretching, tell her to stretch more. That's what's going to get her through this time.
Sep 8, 2007
Big hug !! I know it is so ruff to watch at meets when they fall on a event.She did an awesome job on bars!!! We have 2 repeat L5 on my dd's team now because of bars and 2 this season that cannot compete yet because of bars. 7's are not bad scores at all .My dd has her 1st L5 meet coming up and I am expecting her to score in the 7's.Your dd is awesome thoose scores will come up give it time.
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