Adult gymnastics in Germany/Holland?

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I'll be visiting Germany and Holland for 20 days in Sep/Oct, and I'm looking for gyms with adult programs. I've been able to find a few in Amsterdam, but the ones that have a website require a 1-year registration, while I'm looking for the "open gym" kind.

Does anyone know of any such programs, either in Germany (frankfurt, dusseldorf and everything inbetween) or Holland (mainly amsterdam and anything within a 2 hour train ride)?

Thank you!
May 17, 2009
treat yourself

I don't know about Germany, but in the UK it's fairly normal that you have to either join the national gymnastics association which usually only offer annual membership, or the club which is similar, so that they can insure you. You can only get the first lesson without joining at every gym I've been to.

It's less than £20ish here so it's probably not that much more in Germany. If you really want to do gym while you're there, think of the annual membership fee as a treat to yourself that you deserve, then enjoy. It's cheaper than a night out!
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