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Aug 15, 2008
I know there are lots of grip threads out there, but I can't seem to find one that answers my questions well.
I got my giants and my grips turned paper thin after maybe 2 practices of doing them. I'm looking into new grips now, but I'm thinking I should try another brand cause I only had my now thin ones for about 4 months. I currently have the Ten-O 501 blues velco kind. My mom said I can get 2 pairs of grips since I'll need to buy another pair soon or so she assumes.

So should I get my current pair again, try tensport (which sound good i think) or try reisport (which i hear only good things about as well) ???
My teammates have had really sketchy grips (i.e. they fall apart too quickly or get weird bumps and ridges) from Ten-O, so I would have to recommend Reisport over Tensport. I like Ten-O's wristbands, though. :)
My DD is really hard on grips she has been using English Bulldogs grips they are thick and last her about a year or so. they break in quiet fast.

We did have another brand when she was starting to learn giants she blew through those in 6 months. i thinkn they weer reisport which work great for most but not my DD.

According to DD be sure to have good thick wrist bands for buckle grips or you will get rips on your wrists.

Good luck 2 paris is a great idea and break them both in.
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