any reverse flyaway drills?

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Nov 9, 2010
i have a girl that has just started to work these. when she does let go to flip, she ends up going strait down and flipping well away from the bar and definitely not landing on her feet. I know she is not letting go at the top of the swing but im not sure if thats the major problem. i also cant seems to get her to "block" of the bar and get the heel drive she needs. does anyone have any drills for those specific things or for the whole skill all together?
I know there is a front flyaway thread on here somewhere with the info you need. My daughter competed a front flyaway last year and I asked the same question! My daughter says yo need a really strong swing and the tap is opposite of a back flyaway. Good luck Sorry I'm not more helpful.
thanks for your posts. i will check that out. i should have looked through the threads first and she is working on a front flyaway... we call them reverse
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