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  1. B

    Parents Kip help!

    My daughter is 10, and trying so hard to get her kip. She seems to have a problem with the final part “getting over the bar” any tips? Attached are two videos!
  2. G

    WAG Kip connection

    I'm struggling with connecting something out of a kip. I can do a baby cast out of a kip on the low bar but that's not enough for a cast handstand. I can't even connect a squat on for some reason - I always end my kip with my hips away from the bar and pushing down on the bar which is probably...
  3. JimNast

    MAG Kip on Parallel Bars judging question

    Does anyone know if a kip to straight body is an acceptable skill on p-bars? My athletes were starting their routine with this, then lifting their legs to a L sit. I was under the impression that it would count as 2 A skills. However, a judge recently told us that it would be a .3 deduction...
  4. A

    Anon Kip encouragement

    My daughter moved to her current gym last June and to progress to the next level (NGA level 4) she had to have her kip by the end of the summer. She had never attempted a kip, so really she had 6 weeks to learn one. It was obvious by the end of the summer that it wasn't going to happen. They...
  5. A

    Anon How to get straight arm kip?

    My daughter has a kip with consistency. She had fairly straight arms until she started working kip to free hip/clear hip (not sure which) back into a kip. She is platinum if that helps. Now, she is back to just muscling her way through the kips. What can she do get straight arms on her kip...
  6. leighselrayne

    WAG kips, tsuks and half on half off front tuck vaults?

    in practice i work on high bar/low bar kips, tsuks and half on half off front tuck vaults (anyone know what those are called?) and I'm struggling with some so i would appreciate some advice! kips: I've been working on kips for a few months now and I know its getting better and I'm literally at...
  7. P

    WAG Cast-away kips (clear hip into kip) drills?

    So DD is currently training Xcel Platinum and their coach is having them heavily train clear hips and “cast away kips ”. DD has a pretty good clear hip (she drops fairly welll, gets good clearance at the end) but she can’t figure out how to fix the kip out of it. Her coach says she’s not...
  8. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Wrist shift in kip

    Hi I have gotten my kip and lost it multiple times, but now I kinda have it. Some days, I can do it with perfect form and straight arms, but other days, my wrists don’t shift and I get stuck at the top of the bar. Are there any tips or drills for this?
  9. L

    Parents 8 months to get kip?

    My new little level 3(she does have all level 3 skills) has just started working on kips. Some of the girls on her team are close to getting them, while mine is nowhere near, she doesn't even really understand how to do one. I asked her coach if I should be concerned, and she said no because she...
  10. M

    Anon Practicing Kip at home

    Hi all! My daughter is an (AU) level 4 and is learning her Kip. She is super strong, one of the strongest in the levels program at her gym (and I do not say this as a bias parent but rather been told/seen for myself). She is struggling to get her Kip and has started to practice at home on our...
  11. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Kip!!!

    Hi I'm new here to Chalk Bucket. I just got my kip the other day, and I keep on pulling myself up on one arm and then the other. How can I fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Here is a video reference. (its the last one)
  12. lime-gymnast

    WAG Advice for fixing bent legs in kips?

    What can gymnasts do to improve bent legs in kips? I’ve had my kip for over a year and have advanced with many more bar skills including pirouettes but can’t seem to advance very easily with my kip. I recently developed an issue with bending my legs as they go up to the bar. It’s messed up my...
  13. Kartrava

    Parents Bent arm kip help

    Hi everyone, first time posting. Hoping to get some help. So dd has her kip since summer-ish I would say but she has a bent arm push-up kip and her coach has not told her how to correct this. Is it just a matter of time and a bazillion kips or does she need to get her toes to her bars...
  14. A

    WAG KIP timing

    I'm trying to help my 7yr old with her kip. Individually she has the components looking good and has great strength, but when she puts it all together, just can't get the timing. I've searched through and had her watch countless YouTube videos, but it's just not improving. From my limited...
  15. C

    Parents Clear hip to kip (HELP)!

    Ok, so DD is 16 and she wants to get to Excel Platinum. She is not confident in her bars at all... says its her weakest event. She needs to get her clear hip to a kip consistent before she can move up (hoping to move up this season). As of right now, she is doing the clear hip from standing on...
  16. G

    MAG kip cast for MAG gymnasts without injury

    Hi there, I'm new to coaching MAG gymnast kip, casts and didn't anticipate the problems with anatomical differences, and the pain that can cause during kip, casts. What do male gymnasts do to prevent injuring themselves? Thanks for your time,
  17. Anonymous Post

    Anon Daughter got her kip!

    I don't want to be the overly boastful weirdo so I'm keeping it anonymous, but I have to tell someone who might appreciate it. After about of month of infrequent attempts at team practices my daughter managed to perform two successful kips. I was trying to keep it low pressure on her but I...
  18. TheXcelMom

    WAG Kip Tips

    My DD 11 has been trying to mount the low bar with a glide kip for months. Sometimes she gets it. Sometimes she can't do it. Generally, she's not the kind to muscle her way up onto the bar. She keeps her arms straight. She knows the form and the shapes, but it seems like she's not understanding...
  19. C

    Parents Casting from a kip

    Hello all! So my DD has a kip (well out of 5 try's she will make at least 3). They aren't 100% consistent, and they aren't always with straight arms. She cannot figure out how to cast out of her kip, and whenever she try's, she just falls forward. Does any one have any tips? Or how can she get...
  20. lottiebrow

    WAG Pls help with my kip/upstart

    I’m trying hard to learn my kip at home everyday. I only do 30-40 minutes a week at my gymnastics club but at home I train 1-4 hour’s everyday I’ve been trying to learn it for 1 week now pls help! Have you got any tips?