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Jan 1, 2017
Not sure where to place this topic... So, I'm injured and I can't do too much gymnastics. While the rest is doing events, I'm doing strength training. But I don't know too many exercises, I spent about 1.5 hours of a 2 hour practice doing v-ups and variations of that. I can do arm and core. Any ideas for arm and core exercises, so I can switch it up a little?
pushups, pullups - google for variations, there are tons! also leg lifts hanging from a bar and variations thereof, planks of all kinds, dips, back extensions, all things bulletproof shoulders... youtube has tons of free workout videos. i would watch a few and get to work.
I agree. YouTube has lots of resources. MAry Lee Tracy has a pretty good channel that would be a good place to start and it will help you dive into other related channels as well. Lots of conditioning videos.


This is my dds favorite core stability workout from that channel. She does this as part of her back pt.

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If you're allowed to do arms and core can you swing bars? That could probably fill at least another hour.

I can swing bars, but i cant get on top of the high bar or pit bar, so i can only do do the low bar part of my routine, kip drills and handstand and pirouettes on a Floor bar...
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