Best bar releases

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Mar 16, 2011
In your opinion which bar releases are the

1) easiest to learn
2) hardest to learn
3) most progressive or best at progressing to more difficult releases
4) least progressive
5) best scoring
6) best not learned

My daughter is training level 9. I am just curious. :)
No way I am listing them by that category. Way too complicated, but I'll try to keep the thread going.

One of the first easiest ones to learn is front flyaway since it turns into the Jaegar. Straddle back to handstand is another of the easier ones besides maybe toe shoot hecht from low to high bar. Obviously back flyaway in layout is necessary for the geinger.

Some of the vaulting releases aren't terribly difficult as well. Not really a fan of them but sometimes they are some of the first releases learned.
I find that it really depends on the gymnast. Like a friend could never do giengers, even to save her life but she can do a Yeager. There's not anything in the world that would make me go for and do a Yeager but I'll do giengers. Also, I find bails to be the easiest high to low transition (just my opinion) because it's easier to go from handstand than a straddle back were you would have to do a blind or cast change to hange your hands and then fall forwards and let go... Just the thought terrifies me...
For high to low releases I think that shootovers are better than straddle backs because there are more things you can do to get into a shootover, while with straddle backs you're stuck with only a few options. It seems like in level 10/college shootovers are more commonly used anyways..
i don't have much help with single bar releases. It really depends on the gymnast. I'd suggest trying out a few different ones and seeing what works best.
Not open for further replies.