BHS/Open Gym Question?

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Nov 2, 2012

I'm a gymnast who is looking to get back into the sport for my high school team but my only problem is we have to get a ROBHS (round off back handspring). Problem is I have completely lost my ability to do that after four years of not being in the sport. I am going to an open gym tonight and was curious if there are any drills I can do to get it back.

My main issue is the most common one, fear. That and my back isn't as flexible anymore.

Secondly, I have never been to an open gym before, so are there usually coaches there to spot you occasionally?

Thanks and I look forward to your answers.
Well if you we're in gym before and only got out 4 years ago..then your muscle memory is still most likely there. Just work round offs and see where you're at. Stretch good before!
Jump backs on a portapit.

Backhandsprings over a barrel or boulder or octagon. If the ones they have are too small, build them up by unfolding a panel mat and setting the BHS device on top of them. Most HS'ers will need one or two panel mats unfolded (6 layers). Depends on the size of the barrel/octagon.

A lot of those till you barely feel the octagon as you BHS over it. Then measure out your RO and RO in front of the octagon and BHS over with it.

Someone there should be able to spot.

And as noted...please work on getting back on your gymnastic strength. Backheadsprings are no fun. Need to have legs to do a standing back handsprings, need to have core strength to snap your legs down. And of course that will help ROBHS tremondously.
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