Bride Kickovers and Back Walkovers

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Mar 2, 2013
Region Six
I am really close to my bridge kickover (and i mean on the floor, i can do it easily on a cheese), and I was wondering if you guys have some tips on how to get all the way over. I have at least a 120 degree leg split when kicking over, so that's not the problem. When I come back from vacation, I'll be doing another gymnastics camp, so I'll be able to do any drills you guys can recommend. I've also started to work on my back walkover. Do you do it fast or slow because when i do it slow, i get stuck, but when i do it fast, i crash?:confused: I feel like, if i have my bridge kickover, I'll have my back walkover (I can do a backbend really easily, if that helps.). Thank you! :D
Well bigger splits make the bridge kickover/back walkover easier.

Try doing it off a panel mat, then take off one layer at a time till you are doing it on the floor. Brace the panel mat so it doesn't slide as you bridge on it.

Another trick to play is a switch leg bridge kickover. Initiate a bridge kickover like you normally would and switch the legs in the air.

Do not do this if the 2nd leg is still planted on the floor. It only works if you get stuck in the split handstand.
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